Its been a manic last week with launching the site. But, as we all well know, fantasy managers get no respite. The real season starts now and with my overhaul to hand, I can’t afford to take my eye of the ball. Having outlined my captaincy strategy guide for September, this post will plot out the choices for the rest of my team as I continue my regular weekly Sky diary from Sky Fantasy Football Forum.

Last Gameweek: 82
Overall Points: 284
Overall Rank: 248
Transfers Remaining: 37

Last Gameweek…

So much has happened since the last Gameweek that I can barely recall the events. If I remember correctly, both my captains blanked but the rest of my team pulled though to halve my overall rank. I’m fully aware that this lofty position is extremely fragile at this stage of the season and one bad week could see my team plummet to dark depths.

My Ovehaul Team

My budget defence racked up the points pre-ovehaul and I’m reluctant to say goodbye to any of them. With a sad heart, though, I have relinquished my Southampton double act. They have been replaced by the even cheaper pairing of Suttner and Fabianski. Granted this doesn’t look sexy on paper, but they both form part of a tricky captaincy strategy over the next month and allow even more funds to be shifted up front. As well as the Swan’s stopper having great fixtures, he is the cheapest starting option and has racked up the most points so far for the Welsh outfit (17 compared to Abraham‘s 16)

Smith retains his place in my squad, although he has stiff competition from team mates Lowe and Schindler who both offer greater bonus potential. I may yet switch out the Huddersfield skipper before the deadline. He holds onto his place for now due to his propensity to pick up attacking returns and MOM awards. That said, they are all great options and I have not ruled out doubling up.

Hegazi is another one who is in danger of not making the final draft. Despite his heroics pre-overhaul, Pulis has a lot of options at the back and he could miss out on their starting 11. The last thing I want to be doing is wasting transfers on cheap defenders.

Moving onto Midfield; Pogba and Salah have been in every draft. Despite raving about Pogba in pre-season, I opted to go without the Frenchmen and won’t make the same mistake this time round. Lanzini’s position in my squad is very precarious given his potential injury and West Ham’s ailing form, but he does form part of my captaincy strategy and so retains his place for now. Xhaka served me well pre-overahaul but following Niall’s excellent article on bonus point midfielders, he could also make way for Matic; I’m yet to decide.

Not much to say on my forward line-up, other than I’ll be retaining it from my pre-overhaul set-up. Despite Kane’s blanks, I still feel confident he will deliver. Lukaku could decimate my rank if he scores big, and I still feel Jesus is the best route into an attacking City side.




My captaincy route

Lukaku seems a safe pair of boots to kick off the weekend. I’ll then pass armband duties to Fabianski in the hope that Newcastle don’t find the back of the net at the Liberty Stadium. If I go for him, I’ll be punting on Lanzini for the Monday night.

With so many decisions still up in the air, my team could drastically change after this evening’s tinkering session.

There’s also my FPL wildcard team to sort out… It could be a long night.

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