This was written before Aguero news, I don’t have time to edit as I’m off on holiday, but thought I’d post it up anyway even if its just for the polls. 

Just falling short of the ton score, last week was a decent one and sees my team hold firm around the 150 mark. Having spent another 2 transfers drafting in Aguero and Ramsey, I’m aiming to resist further temptation ahead of the international break.


Transfers Remaining: 33
In the Bank: 0.2m

Last Gameweek

Regular readers will notice that I shifted my thoughts last week around Aguero. I was set to leave out the Argentine but fears over Jesus‘s pitch time prompted me to switch the City forwards in the hope that Aguero could bring home immediate returns against a beleaguered Palace. It turned out to be fairly well with Aguero netting a 22 point captain haul. With Kane bagging a brace, MOTM award and 17 points though, it works out that the Jesus to Aguero move only made me 5 points and cost me a transfer (as I would have had Kane captain). Still, I’m happy with the Argentine in my squad long term.

Making the move for Aguero meant that I wasn’t able to bring in Sanchez. As a result, I shifted out Matic for Ramsey to give me a captain on Monday night. He didn’t get near bonus as Wenger shafted him out to wing, but he at least picked up as assist and seems a solid option while Arsenal’s fixture remain strong. Elsewhere, there was a sprinkling of point across my squad, including a nice 14 point Suttner captain haul as Brighton shut out Newcastle at the Amex.


As I plan not to make a transfer ahead of the international break, my main point of contention comes down to captaincy for Saturday.

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My captaincy route

Its difficult to argue against giving either Kane or Lukaku armband duties, but I’m likely to go for the Spurs marksman. Why? Well 3 reasons. Firstly is his astonishing away form. Secondly is he propensity to attract MOTM awards (already picked up 2 compared to Lukaku’s 0). Thirdly, unlike Lukaku, he is guaranteed penalties. I’m sure you could also make strong arguments for Lukaku, but that the way I see it for now.

Sunday its an easier decision. I have been itching to make Salah captain for a while. Away to Newcastle looks a decent fixture. Coutinho is one to watch and I’m tempted to draft him in, but I’ll resist the urge and reassess after the international break.

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