As we resurface from the dark depths of the international break, the Aguero injury news seems like it happened almost an age ago. Regular readers will notice that I opted for Morata as a replacement for the Argentine. Given his recent exploits and upcoming fixtures, the move seemed like a no-brainer. Unfortunately for Chelsea, and my team, the Spaniard went off with what now appears to be a grade 2 hamstring injury.

Transfers Remaining: 32
In the Bank: 0.8m

Last time out my team got off to a flyer with the captain Kane and the ever-faithful Davies bringing home a combined effort of 55 points. It seemed like the weekend was going to end with me sitting pretty, back inside the top 100. Little did I know that the Spurs duo would score over two thirds of my weekly points, as the rest of my team failed to produce any meaningful returns. This coupled with the Morata injury, left me licking my wounds. To bounce back, I’m now eyeing up replacement options and considering a bit of a shake-up. Here are the contenders vying for a place in my squad:

  1. Vardy

Although his underlying stats are far from convincing, he is a fox in the box and often only needs the one opportunity to net returns. The main appeal of Vardy though, is that he offers excellent captaincy options over the next month. Not least this coming Monday as the Foxes play hosts to West Brom at the King Power stadium.

  1. Jesus and Man City

I have long thought the young Brazilian as the best route into an attacking City team and regret switching him out for Aguero a few weeks ago. Given the Sky Blue’s favourable upcoming fixtures, that see them square up to the likes of Stoke and Burnley at the Etihad, I may eat humble pie and bring in the City forward. The main concern I have, and why I originally traded him out, is Pep’s penchant for rotation. City, though, offer a wealth of fantasy options all over the park and going without any seems folly. De Bruyne, Silva and even Sterling offer options in midfield, while Walker and Otemendi have been racking up the clean sheets and passing bonus on a weekly basis in defence.

  1. Alonso and Chelsea

This one is slightly left field pick, but Chelsea have a brilliant run of fixtures and following Carl’s excellent article on the fallacy of going expensive up top, I’m seriously considering the marauding wingback. Hazard also offers an enticing route into the Chelsea squad. Although he is yet to fire, his propensity to pick up man of the match awards, always makes him an attractive option in the Sky game.

What way will I go?

With both Man City and Chelsea facing a favourable run of fixtures over the next few months, I may actually take this opportunity to set my team up for the long-term. This would involve investing more heavily in defence, and see the removal of Morata and Lowe for Otemendi and Alonso. It’s a shame not to squeeze an extra game out of Lowe, but Huddersfield face a tough run of fixtures over the next few weeks that sees them square up to the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

I’d then look to switch out Lukaku for Vardy in time for Monday night. Removing Lukaku is a bit of a gamble given his ownership of around 54%, but United’s fixtures are set to stiffen over the next month or so and he’s not required for captaincy. That said, I’m still hesitant to make these moves, as it will involve three precious transfers. One to ponder over the next couple of days.

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My Route

Kane looks prime candidate on Saturday as I hope Spurs can vanquish their Wembley woes. I really need Suttner to regain his starting birth on Sunday, as I don’t have any other options and need captaincy cover. The good news is that I’ll be able to see the line ups and make a call on the day. If he doesn’t start, I may make a keeper switch to Ryan or Forster. Both of these stoppers offer captaincy options later down the line. As mentioned above, I’m pretty set on acquiring Vardy’s services and handing him armband duties on Monday night.

October sees some tricky captaincy navigation routes. If you’re after a more in-depth analysis, I’d strongly suggest giving my October captain strategy guide a read.

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