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SportStackRich is a highly successful football trader on various platforms with solid fantasy football experience to boot and has taken the FootStock platform by storm in the past 7 weeks with a staggering £12,000 of profit. In this new series exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub premium members, he will talk through his FootStock journey so far and let us in on his successful tips and strategies over the coming weeks and months.

Welcome to my first Fantasy Football Hub Footstock article where I will run you through my Footstock journey including an overview of my strategies, winnings and overall experience.


The Research Phase

A few days before signing up, I spent several hours reading blogs, articles and listening to podcasts. I joined the Slack channel and simply read the messages which allowed me to gain valuable insights and knowledge to avoid beginners’ mistakes. I wanted to be efficient and profitable from day one.


The Strategy Phase

Once clued up about the product, I developed a plan of short-term and long-term goals. The simple question I asked myself was, how do I make profits? The revenue streams I identified were trading, capital appreciation, tournament dividends, roulette and rewards.


Short-term Trading (“flipping”)

Buy low, sell high. Flipping is thrilling, but also time consuming. The use of order books and spreads on offer is key. Higher spreads lead to higher profits. This strategy suits high volatility players with split opinions from the market, allowing you to both buy and sell in a small timeframe. Profitable trades are constantly on offer, both at the top and bottom end of the market.

Capital Appreciation

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