The season so far

Game week 7 was an average one.  Harry Kane again in great form. 18 points from the game against Huddersfield. Another goal for Romelu Lukaku and a clean sheet for my trio of Manchester United players David De Gea, Phil Jones and Antonio Valencia.

Kevin De Bruyne got me 13 points from his goal and starman performance against Chelsea. But that was about it. Jack Stephens again not starting for Southampton is a big concern. Hegazi did start but I’m worried about holding him going forward.

Mkhitryan and Salah didn’t return me any points but they have been doing well so far this season. Firmino after his great start is really stinking my team out recently.

Game Week 7’s Team

October’s transfers Option A

Well the three main concerns for me I could ship straight out. Hegazi, Stephens and the disappointing Firmino.

With the latest round of variable pricing they are now priced accordingly.

Jack Stephens 2.2m

Hegazi 2.1m

Firmino 5.2m

With the 1.5m in then bank I now have 11m to buy three replacements. Obviously I’d love a Man City and Chelsea defender given their upcoming games but I’m more into the budget of a midtable team. Southampton, West Ham’s and Leicester’s games don’t look too bad for October. Some nice home games so I could invest in them. Cresswell is priced nicely at 2.5m, Soares of Southampton currently at 3m and Danny Simpson now at 1.9m after a 0.6m drop.

So option A is this.

Option B

Another alternative is I now cash in on Mkhitryan and Salah and gain from their rises 0.7m and 1.5m respectively. The fall in price for Hazard of 1.5m making it almost a like for like swap cash wise going from Mkhitryan and Salah to Coutinho and Hazard for an extra 0.6m on both moves.

I just need to weigh up how many points I’d expect from Soares, Cresswell, Salah and Mkhitryan over Stephens, Hegazi, Coutinho and Hazard. At least I have a week to think about it. I’m more inclined to go with option B.

I’m currently in 6740th position on 556 points.

Hows your team getting on and what position are you in? Also what moves would you make for my team?


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