Things to know about Sun Dream Team

The Sun Dream Team is free to play. You can enter up to ten teams if you wish. Although many just enter one and the top prize is a whopping £150,000. Alongside this, you get to enter one team in the weekender game with even more money to win.

Point scoring

Goalkeepers and defenders will get five points for a clean sheet and it’s minus one for every goal conceded after the first.

All players get two points for an assist and five for a goal regardless of position. So no extra points if a defender scores unlike other games.

With the clean sheets it doesn’t matter if your player plays one minute or ninety. If he’s on the pitch he’ll get points as if he’s played the full match. So if Arsenal were 4-3 down to Liverpool and they brought on Holding for the last few seconds he would have scored minus three.

Whoscored and ratings

It’s the who scored ratings of seven out of ten or above that you earn extra points. For an additional three points a player has to receive a rating of 7.0 or more. The Star Man gets an additional five. There are no points for a player starting a game.

The player ratings are done by First tip, get to their site and see who were the top rated players from last season and who’s done well at the start of this season. Look at who got the most Man of the Match awards and the top average rated overall players. For instance Nicolás Otamendi and Paul Pogba are firm favourites.

Going for goals ( and assists )

Of course, you really want to aim for goals and assists. I always try and get the main players in the front six in a 4-3-3 formation. Using a lot of the budget up to get in the likes of Kane, Aguero, Lukaku, Alli and De Bruyne. Players who will score a lot of goals and midfielders who will score goals and rack up the assists.

You also want clean sheets and goalkeepers who won’t concede many. But a cheaper option from a mid table side who make a fair few saves can also work.

You also have to remember that every game counts. So a Europa league tie against some poor opposition could be a points fest. Same with domestic cup games.


This season you have three transfers per month so you can look ahead and if Manchester City play Huddersfield , Burnley and Brighton you can bring in Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne. Whereas if Arsenal play Chelsea, Manchester United and Man City you might not want Mesut Ozil and Lacazette. plus if you can get two games a week out of someone then make the transfer. But you have to remember that game weeks start on a Friday. So if you have Lacazette playing on the Friday night then he is locked out after that game until the following Friday.

Any player who’s team have played cannot be transferred even if they didn’t play. So you can’t transfer out a player who’s played on Saturday for a player in the Sunday. It will be a pending transfer that will go through at the end of the game week on the Friday morning.

Variable Player Pricing

Prices rise and fall so if the cheap diamond you selected goes on a good run your mates will be paying more for him and you’ll have benefited from picking him early. If you have Hegazi at 1.5m and he’s kept two clean sheets, scored a goal and got star man he’s likely to rise 0.3m for a couple of weeks. Similarly, if you have Harry Kane at 8m who hasn’t scored any he’s likely to drop 0.3m. This can be tricky as say you’ve started with Firmino who’s scored well and you take him out before the first rise for Kane, then you are going to miss out on a price rise for Firmino but will take on Kane before his price will fall so you’ll have lost money on your team instead of gaining.

I’d also scan the player list for the under priced players. These can be players who will do well as someone else at the club is injured meaning they’ll play. Or the player priced cheaply at one club as a backup player has moved to another club and is now a regular starter.

Finally, I would recommend scanning the fixtures and see who has the better run of fixtures for the next month. Not forgetting teams who have the extra games in Champions League and Europa League.