Serial top 100 challenger @DreamteamRating shares his Sun Dream Team strategy and tips exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. Gary has had plenty of Dream Team success in cash mini leagues over the years culminating in a very impressive 10th placed finish in the recent 2019/20 season. Every month he updates on the previous months highs and lows and looks forward to maximising the following month's matches.

Don't be an April Fool!

Let's get serious about these mini leagues! The international break is over and a BIG month is here. April is the time to hold your nerve if you're leading mini-leagues or have serious gambles if you're chasing.

If you're chasing...

Chelsea quite simply have the best fixtures throughout April. With games against WBA Porto (twice), Crystal Palace, Brighton, West Ham and the big game against Man City in the FA Cup it's impossible to ignore them.

Defensively they have been incredible over the last couple of months and logic says this will continue during April. If the teams above you in your mini-leagues are holding Manchester City defence now is the time for you to switch to Chelsea where you can. You really want to have as many differentials in your team as possible to close gaps. Rotation is a risk with Chelsea defenders but you cannot ignore those fixtures so take that gamble. Cesar Azpilicueta seems to be the player that is most likely to play in most games. He should be the first you should get in to your team along with Mendy in goal. Others will get more rotation although this hasn't stopped Reece James from getting game time in virtually every match since Thomas Tuchal took charge.

sun dream team tips april 2020

Azpilicueta looks the best Chelsea defensive option heading into April

Be aware that Thiago Silva is now back to match fitness so will also come into the mix but is really only capable of one game per week at the moment.

What to do about Werner

The German has been a conundrum all season and I have yet to recommend putting him in to your sides....... until now.

In my opinion, and others may disagree, with the run of fixtures coming up, April could be his month. I believe that when he grabs his first goal which should come soon, others will follow in quick succession. So for me if you are looking to replace perhaps a Tottenham striker or a Manchester City player, he is the man to replace them.

Chelsea midfield

Again, mainly due to match fitness the new signings at Chelsea haven't shown their full potential and with them getting back to a good fitness level mixed with that great run of games, I believe the likes of Havertz, Ziyech and Mount will really turn it on this month. If the teams above you in your mini-leagues are holding Manchester City midfielders I would recommend going different with a couple of these.

sun dream team tips april 2021

Mount looks to be Tuchel's go-to man in midfield


Manchester United options

Yes Man United were knocked out of the FA Cup but this doesn't put me off of their players for this month. They have pretty decent fixtures including a lovely Europa league draw against Granada.

If you don't fancy the Chelsea option at this fence, and many already have Harry Maguire, I recommend doubling or even tripling up on Man United defensive assets. Wan Bissaka and Luke Shaw alongside Azpilicueta and Mendy in goal could well be just what's needed this month.

Marcus Rashford

If Rashford is fit to start the month getting him in alongside Werner and Harry Kane for me would be the perfect front three to get April off to a flyer. A lovely start to the month of Brighton and Granada could be just what Marcus needs to ease him back in after a short injury.

There's not much else that attracts me from the United attack apart from the obvious and essential Bruno Fernandes. Paul Pogba has looked decent in a few games but personally I'd prefer a gamble on a Chelsea midfielder.


Which Liverpool is going to turn up for April? Will it be the tight at the back free-flowing free scoring side we were used to, or the one we have seen of late where they look very unsettled and goals are hard to come by ?

To start the month they face Arsenal, Aston Villa and two games against Real Madrid. This for me puts me off of their defence they just aren't tight enough this season. Then you look at the midfield and the points just aren't there so it's all down to the front three.

Mohamed Salah is still the main man there and despite a very average run of late he is still world class and it's a risk not having him. Risks have to be taken though so for me it's hide behind the sofa time when he plays as I will not be having him in my team for the first couple of weeks of April. The same applies with Sadio Mane. The only possible consideration surprisingly is Diego Jota but this would only be if you were short on budget for other players I've already mentioned.

sun fantasy tips april 2021

Jota could be the budget pick in the Liverpool front line in April



Arsenal have had a very poor season and are definitely going through a tough time, but they are still in the Europa League. This for me is where any decent points will come for them. They have a really tough game to start off this weekend versus Liverpool but then they have the potential to score well against Slavia Prague. Aubameyang, Odegaard and Bukayo Saka would be my only punts at the Emirates.

Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane, Harry Kane, Harry Kane.

He's the only player to think about here and despite no Europe anymore you need him in your team.

Leicester City

It may surprise you that I am mentioning Leicester now they are out of Europe. What I'm saying is do not touch them for the first couple of weeks of April, but the last couple of weeks they have a lovely run of Southampton, West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace so I would recommend holding back a transfer and having a look at who they have available at that time. Jamie Vardy has been on an awful run but it has to end soon where as the opposite can be said about Iheanacho; he's been fantastic and could be worth a punt in a fortnight or so.

sun fantasy football tips april 2021

Iheanacho has been on fire in March for the Foxes


Manchester City

This is really tough as Man City are obviously the best team in the Premier League by quite a stretch this season. The simple thing would be to keep their players in or even bring them in, but this is not going to push you up those mini-leagues as no doubt the ones above you will already have them, hence the fact I have listed alternatives above. The only Manchester City player you cannot afford to be without this month is Kevin De Bruyne.

Rotation will be even more apparent during April. With the league tied up it's all about the cups now for City. They will be using pretty much all of their squad I would say, saving their best eleven for the Champions League knockout matches. Try to pick replacements that will play the majority of the other sides games. To me, finishing in the top 1000 is the same as finishing in the top 20,000 so I would take the risk. Obviously going with just one Man City player is risky, but risk brings reward so turn up the excitement level and give it a go.

If you are leading...


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