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Welcome to a brand new weekly article series dedicated to TFF where we focus on the game data to help us analyse what is happening and what we should be looking at going forward.


Team of the Week

The highest scoring players of the weekend:

Telegraph fantasy football best picks

and how this translates into the Team of the Weekend:

  • Vardy and Abraham continue to dominate the value striker charts with more returns
  • Despite no clean sheet, Alexander-Arnold attacking prowess continues to roll in the points
  • Leicester’s defensive assets continue to clean up


Player Points – Overall

  • Man City and Leicester players dominate the top scoring players so far this season
  • Surprisingly no Spurs players, Salah, Robertson or Alexander-Arnold
  • Strikers dominate the top of the point-scoring charts with midfielders and defenders not too far behind
  • No goalkeepers in the top ten scoring players


Player Points – Last 6 Weeks

  • Four Leicester players in the top five, with five in total in the top ten
  • No Man City, Arsenal or Spurs players and surprisingly few Liverpool and Chelsea players
  • Pulisic has been scoring well despite limited minutes
  • There are big points outside the top six with Sheff Utd and Wolves leading the way
  • There was a big spread of points from all over the pitch


Points per million (PPM) – Overall

  • Leicester and Sheff Utd dominate the points-per-million value players
  • Four of the top six PPM players are Sheff Utd defenders with only one (Stevens) exceeding 5% ownership
  • No Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs players has offered excellent value for money so far this season
  • The true value so far this season, as in previous seasons, has been in defence


Player Ownership

  • Midfielders and Strikers dominate the top of the ownership charts (excluding Alexander-Arnold)
  • There are no Leicester or Sheff Utd players in the top ten owned players despite their points and value to date
  • There are four players with under 10 PPM in the top ten owned players



Depending on what you are looking for we take a look at the next best three, six and ten fixtures and recommended players to help plan for short, medium and long term transfers using the excellent Hub fixture ticker also available here:

Next 3 Fixtures

The teams with the best next 3 fixtures are:

  • Wolves – Jiminez (5.4m)
  • Arsenal – Aubameyang (6.8m)
  • Southampton – Ings (5.0m)


Next 6 Fixtures

The teams with the best next 6 fixtures are:

  • Southampton – Ings (5.0m)
  • Wolves – Jiminez (5.4m)
  • Liverpool – Mane (6.3m)


Next 10 Fixtures

The teams with the best next 10 fixtures are:

  • Crystal Palace – Van Aanholt (3.2m), Ward (2.4m)
  • Southampton – Ings (5.0m)
  • Liverpool – Mane (6.3m), Alexander-Arnold (4.5m), Robertson (5.1m) – be weary of their blank on 18th December


3 Recommended Buys

Abraham – at 4.3m he is an absolute bargain and can continue to score heavily in an attacking team with good fixtures for the long term. Also frees up funds to get more expensive big hitters in

Vardy – the top points scorer in the game and showing no signs of stopping with good fixtures throughout November and December. Also very low-owned for such a prolific points scorer

Chilwell – is very attacking, playing for a good defensive team and at 3.1m is a snip. Still relatively low ownership given his points


3 Differential Recommended Buys (under 10% owned)

Stevens (8% owned) – at 2.9m he is a great price whilst offering points at both ends of the pitch. Sheffield United’s fixtures remain good for a while and again they show no signs of stopping their current run

Burn (4% owned) – at 2m he is the cheapest player in the game but you wouldn’t know it with his points returns. An incredible enabler allowing 48m to spend elsewhere on your team

Tomori (6% owned) – has seemingly nailed his place in the Chelsea team and at 2.4m is proving great value within a traditional tight defence. Chelsea have good fixtures for the long term and again is a great enabler


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