Want a prediction algorithm to give you fantasy football tips? You've come to the right place.

What is The Algorithm?

The Algorithm is a statistical spreadsheet member's tool developed by our resident statistician Carl Weeks. It uses various spread betting odds and expected bonus to determine the expected points for each player. Carl has created this statistical beast so that it can be used in both FPL and Sky games.

What can it do?

The spreadsheet has a 'user dashboard' where you can toggle how many weeks into the future you want to see expected points and it will give you the top picks. It can predict:

  • Who you should select as captain: By selecting the current week only, The Algorithm will give you its captaincy prediction.
  • Display top picks of X amount of weeks. Choose the number of weeks and it will select the top players over that period.
  • Filter by price, value and fixtures. Searching for a 6m midfielder that has the best upcoming fixtures and highest predicted points total? Or the best value forwards over the next four weeks? No problem, Carl's spreadsheet has you covered.
  • Plan ahead. See the impact of your transfers on predicted points total for both FPL and Sky.
  • Sky captaincy planning. See if you have captaincy days covered and when you'll need to draft players in. Automatically updates your budget and expected points totals. Handy.


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