The Best Burnley FPL Players 2021/22

The best Burnley FPL players have been popular Fantasy Premier League picks in seasons gone by. Here we look at whether they remain viable options for the 2021/22 season.

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Some might argue that Burnley are fortunate to be in the Premier League this season. Once a defensively compact team, Burnley’s last three seasons have seen them concede 68, 50 and 55 goals respectively.

This new-found frailty might be forgivable if it were counter-balanced by attacking zeal. Alas, only Fulham and Sheffield United scored fewer goals than Burnley (33) last season.

But hey – it’s not all bad. 55 goals conceded last season might be a lot in comparison to the 39 conceded in their record-breaking 2017/18 campaign, but there were still FPL gems to be found amongst the wreckage.

Let’s see who the best Burnley FPL players are for this season.

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The Best Burnley FPL Players | Chris Wood (FOR – £7.0m)

If you’re anything like my girlfriend, you’ll already be under the impression that “the best” always means “the most expensive”. Whilst this isn’t always the case, it does ring true for one of Burnley’s best FPL players: Chris Wood.

At £7.0m, Wood costs a whole £1.0m more than the second-priciest Burnley asset. Do you know what? I think he might just be worth it.

Scoring an impressive 12 goals in 2,741 minutes last season, Wood has shown an ability to return even when those around him are coming up short. This is a man who was involved in over 45% of Burnley’s Premier League goals last season.

Don’t just take my word for it. Last season he racked up 138 points, making him the highest points scorer among forwards priced £7.0m or less.

You won’t find him being talked about much this pre-season. The Ivan Toneys and Kelechi Iheanachos of the world will likely enjoy far more time basking under the limelight of FPL hype. In fact, Wood doesn’t even get a mention in our best mid-priced FPL forwards article.

But Wood has never needed the limelight. His task at Burnley is carried out without bravado or pomp. He digs deep, he scores goals, he trickles in FPL points. What more do you want from a £7.0m forward?

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The Best Burnley FPL Players | Matthew Lowton (DEF – £4.5m)

It’s little surprise that @FPL_Salah listed Matthew Lowton among his best budget FPL defenders for the 2021/22 season.

Unusually, Lowton actually comes in cheaper than Ben Mee (£5.0m), despite scoring more points than his defensive colleague last season.

Clocking 3,060 minutes in the 2021/22 campaign, Lowton is the fourth-highest scoring £4.5m defender this time around. The fact he plays for a team that has a rich history of defensive acumen could be a great opportunity for FPL managers.

He’s also an FPL differential, if that’s your type of thing. With Nick Pope priced among the premium goalkeepers at £5.5m, very few managers are starting with Burnley assets.

But with an opening fixture against Brighton, followed by a mixed run that includes match-ups against Liverpool and Man City but also Leeds and Norwich, Lowton could make a great £4.5m rotation option.

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The Best Burnley FPL Players |  Ashley Westwood (MID – £5.5m)

Here’s a Fantasy Football Hub exclusive for you: I’m genuinely considering Ashley Westwood as an option. Please hear me out.

Priced at £5.5m and having scored a very respectable 112 points last season, Westwood is the highest-scoring £5.5m or less midfielder in the game. Only Stuart Dallas (£5.5m) trumps him, but he was a defender last season.

Just like Chris Wood, you won’t find much talk about Ashley Westwood. “Sexier” options like Emile Smith-Rowe (£5.5m) and Daniel Podence (£5.5m) populate our article on best budget FPL midfielders.

But what Ashley Westwood lacks in explosive potential, he more than makes up for in consistent points returns. Over the last three seasons he’s tallied 111, 118 and 112 points. That, reader, is the picture of a reliable FPL asset.

His attacking returns are modest: three goals and four assists last season doesn’t exactly get the blood pumping. Here’s something that might: of a possible 3,420 minutes, Westwood played 3,410 of them.

That should resonate with FPL managers who are after a budget FPL midfielder who almost certainly won’t find himself rotated or injured any time soon.

Do you Agree?

What are your thoughts? Comment on this article and let me know whether I’ve missed anyone. I’d love to hear who else from Burnley deserves to be on this list!


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