In fantasy premier league the goalkeeper position is the most overlooked but in all honesty, it is just as important as any other position. As an example, last season Nick Pope(£4.5m), Dean Henderson (£4.5m) and Casper Schemeichel (£5.0m) finished on more points than the likes of Azpilcueta, Aurier, Grealish, and Jesus. So picking the right one can provide immense value (easier said than done). In this article, I will go through some of the best Premier League fantasy goalkeepers for the new season from a price point category, based on past performance and fixtures.

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Who are the best £5.0 - £6.0m goalkeepers in FPL?

Nick Pope £5.5m

A familiar name in fantasy football land, Nick Pope is hated and loved in equal measure. His relentless churning of points week in week out were a dagger in the heart to those who didn’t have him who saw their overall ranks being decimated. He ended the 2019-20 season on 15 clean sheets (2nd), 120 saves (2nd), 23 bonus points (1st), and 170 points overall (1st). Not only was he the highest points scorer in the Burnley team but also ended up with more points than the likes of Harry Kane, Son, and Jesus to name a few. He starts off at a premium price of £5.5m, which is £1m more than his bargain £4.5m last season. The question is he worth the extra this season? Spending £5.5m plus on a goalkeeper, I would be expecting 160-170 points minimum so if you think Burnley can replicate the form of last season then he is your man. Personally I don’t like to spend so much on a goalkeeper.

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Best FPL keepers Nick Pope Gameweek 1

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Also with Burnley starting with a blank fixture and then Leicester away in Gameweek two I don’t think it would be wise to start off with him. However, the fixtures do pick up from Gameweek three onwards so maybe one to consider for the early wildcarders.

Best FPL keeper gameweek 1

Hugo Lloris £5.5m:

The French world cup winners 2018-19 season was curtailed by an elbow injury, unfortunately. However, he did show some good form at the end of the season keeping four clean sheets since 'Project Restart' (GW30). In his seven seasons at Spurs, he has averaged 12 clean sheets per season, his highest being 15 kept in both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 season. Under Jose Mourinho, you would imagine he would be good for around that number again. With a good set of opening fixtures, he is a good shout for a set and forget goalkeeper until the first wildcard. The first wildcard will have to be used by Gameweek 18 this season. In Spurs’ first eight games the only tough fixture really is Manchester United away. They face a tough three games from Gameweek nine to Gameweek 11 but again the fixtures pick up with only Liverpool being the notable hard game up until Gameweek 16. If you are planning an early wildcard it could be wise to consider Lloris but he may also be a shrewd pick up until the first wildcard deadline.

Best stopper gw1 lloris

Pope vs Lloris

Best FPL Keeper Pope vs Lloris

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Aaron Ramsdale: £5.0m

The new Blades goalkeeper is an interesting one. We all know how solid Sheffield United were last season after having an exceptional year. They managed to keep a mightily impressive 13 clean sheets (4th) and only conceded 39 goals (4th). Only Liverpool and the Manchester clubs conceded less.  However, a large part of that was due to Dean Henderson being behind the sticks. Ramsdale has been drafted in after a disappointing season at Bournemouth who were relegated and in that tenure, he only kept five clean sheets, but still managed to score a respectable 126 points.

It’s hard to say how he will fare in Sheffield but at £5m it makes him a debatable choice. His fixtures for the first 10 gameweeks are really good and could be an option as a set and forget keeper. Sheffield United play WOL, avl, LEE, FUL, WHU, wba in their first 10 games with the other four being against ars, liv, MCI and che. However, if they pick up where they left off from last season then a clean sheet or two in the tough fixtures won’t be surprising.

Best FPL Keepers Fixtures

Looking at the premium goalkeepers – Ederson and Allison I can’t justify spending £6.0m on any of these guys. Firstly the cheaper goalkeepers provide much better value and secondly they waste a valuable slot for their selected teams. Having three outfield players from each of these teams will be vital at certain parts of the season as they most certainly will be the highest-scoring teams in the league.

Who are the best £4.5m goalkeepers in FPL?

Matt Ryan: £4.5m:

The Brighton first-choice keeper is always a good option for £4.5m. He was the highest-scoring £4.5m goalkeeper last season and 9th highest overall with 135 points. He kept nine clean sheets (6th) and made 114 saves (4th) having a solid season. There definitely seems to be slim pickings in the £4.5m and under category this season. Only Matt Ryan and Alex McCarthy from this price category scored over 100 points. Tom Heaton was the next highest scorer getting a paltry 59 points. Ryan’s points per game was at 3.55 last season which is good value and if he can replicate the same form he’s a good bet. Their opening games are a bit of a mixed bag but still good enough for a rotating option or even a set and forget.

Best FPL Keepers Fixtures MAtt Ryan

Alex McCarthy: £4.5m:

As mentioned above the Saints shot-stopper is the only other goalkeeper in the  £4.5m range to score over 60 points last season. Having only played 28 games last he still managed to keep seven clean sheets and score 104 points overall he does look good value this season especially with their opening fixtures. His points per game was superior to Matt Ryan’s at 3.71 and with cry, bur, and WBA in his first four games he should be a popular option to start off with. I personally think he is the best £4.5m goalkeeper as Southampton are much more solid at the back than Brighton.

Best FPL Keepers Fixtures

Illan Meslier (£4.5) - Leeds Utd, Sam Johnstone (£4.5m)West Brom and Marek Rodak (£4.5m) – Fulham seem to be the first choice goalkeepers for the promoted sides at the moment. Despite Leeds being the best team to be promoted and with the far superior defensive stats, they do face a tough opening few games, liv, shu and MCI in the first four. Fulham have the best set of opening fixtures from the promoted three, with lee, AVL, and CPL in the first six games so probably the best one to start with.

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Who are the best £4.0m goalkeepers in FPL?

The second goalkeeper spot may seem like an irrelevant position and low down on fantasy managers priority list when picking their teams, but it’s definitely worth looking into as it can save you that extra £0.5 which could be crucial and maybe even a goalkeeper transfer down the line. Only seven goalkeepers are priced at the magic £4.0m price range and it doesn’t seem many of them will see a significant amount of playing time. As you can see in the image below only David Martin, Orjan Nyland, and Jed Steer saw any minutes and only managed 36 minutes between them. Our best bet this season seems to be Nyland and Steer who are both backup keepers at Aston Villa. Tom Heaton (£4.5m) seems to still be out form injuring his anterior cruciate ligament back in January. Also, Pepe Reina’s return to AC Milan seems to have left Villa in a rather unfortunate predicament (quite the contrast for us fantasy managers though).

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Dean Smith on Aston Villa TV: "It's a difficult one to pinpoint," he told Villa TV when asked for a return date. "I think the start of the season, unfortunately, has come too soon. At the minute I've got my eye set on [GW5], whether the medics agree I'm not so sure."

If Villa don’t sign another goalkeeper then this could be a prime opportunity to pick not one, but two £4.0m goalkeepers. However, there is still a long way to go before this is a reality. Firstly this is on the assumption Aston Villa do not sign another goalkeeper. To add further poop to the party they also blank in gameweek 1. It’s still worth monitoring the situation carefully though as if they don’t sign another shot-stopper then one of these guys will be gold. David Button who has been the favourite £4.0m keeper in the past few seasons has some competition this season it seems. The other keepers in this category don’t seem to hold much hope for game time at all. Sean Dyche has signed two more goalkeepers as back up in Marc Richter and Will Norris which kills Bailey Peacock-Farrell (what a name!) as an option. Fabri (£4.0m) is third choice at Fullham behind Marcus Bettinelli (£4.5m) and first choice Marek Rodak (£4.5m). Kamil Miazek (£4.0m) did not play a single minute last season for Leeds and with Casilla (£4.5m) and Illan Meslier (£4.5m) both ahead in the pecking order he’s another one that can be dismissed.

Best Rotating Goal Keepers from Gameweek 1

If you don’t like the set and forget route then having two rotating goalkeepers with opposite home fixtures is another popular and potentially fruitful strategy. Below are the teams that rotate both home and away. So with these pairs, you will always have one goalkeeper playing at home.

Aston Villa & Crystal Palace
Brighton & Leeds United
Southampton & Sheffield United
West Ham & Newcastle
Wolves & West Brom
Leicester & Burnley
Chelsea & Fulham
Arsenal & Tottenham
Liverpool & Everton
Man United & Man City

From the list, Brighton & Leeds United seems attractive as both have playing £4.5m first-choice keepers. If one of Villa’s £4.0m keepers end up being a sure starter then paying £5.0m for Guaita is justifiable. Aaron Ramsdale being priced at £5.0m may have just quashed the perfect rotating pair but if you are willing to pay £9.5m for your two goalkeepers then this seems a fine pair.

Ryan and McCarthy

Southampton and Brighton also rotate very nicely for the first 10 – 15 games. As stated above both these keepers are the best £4.5m goalkeepers and they just happen to have one of the best rotating fixtures. I will personally most likely be going down this route if I decide to go for rotating keepers. I am more inclined to go for the rotation rather than set and forget even more this season simply due to the fact that because of the Covid situation there may well be cancellations and players being quarantined etc. And as we all know spending a transfer on a goalkeeper is not something we fantasy managers like to do!

Best keeper rotations FPL


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In conclusion, I rank these budget FPL keepers in order from best to worst for Hub members.

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