The Best Spurs FPL players have become crucial considerations for Fantasy Premier League managers in recent seasons.

In this article, we’ll look at three of their best fantasy options for the 2021/22 season.

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The Best Spurs FPL Players 2021/22 | Spurs in Brief

Perhaps the quintessential underachievers as far as their fans are concerned, Spurs finished 7th after a turbulent 2020/21 season.

Their interim manager for the final seven games, Ryan Mason, has been replaced by former Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santoa move that was received with mixed emotions from the Spurs faithful.

Some are excited to see what Nuno can do at a bigger club. Others feel his lack of experience could further delay Spurs‘ ascendency to the peaks of the Premier League.

Either way, the Portuguese coach has a big job on his hands. Spurs are victims of a disproportionate amount of hope and expectation in comparison to their club’s history. Their fans expect greatness, and Nuno will have limited resources to attain it.

With the mercurial Harry Kane (£12.5m) strongly rumoured to depart the club, Spurs’ success or failure this season may well be determined by their ability (or lack-of) to fill his almighty shoes.

Let’s take a look at the three best Spurs FPL players for the 2021/22 season.

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The Best Spurs FPL Players | Heung-Min Son (MID – £10.0m)

Of all the FPL midfielders priced at over £6.5m, Heung-Min Son is top for FPL points-per-million. On this metric, he’s the best value midfielder in the game, and certainly the best FPL premium midfielder currently on offer.

Yet it’s hard to discern this from a quick glance at the current FPL player ownership stats. Only 10% of FPL managers are backing Son for Gameweek 1.

A lot of this is because of Harry Kane‘s expected departure from the club. The theory is that, with the tip of their spear missing, Spurs won’t be nearly as deadly this season. This, it’s thought, will have an impact on every Spurs FPL option, but particularly their attackers.

But as our very own Ben Crellin pointed out in January, this might not be the case. It turns out Son without Kane might actually score more FPL points.

Son is one of the best Spurs FPL players.

Son actually has more goal scoring opportunities without Kane.

As we can see, Son actually had more and better goalscoring opportunities when Kane was injured. As expected, his potential for assists decreased.

Being Spurs’ key attacking threat carries with it plenty of pressure. Son, however, has proven to be impervious to the weight of expectation, and actually seems to thrive off it.

He’ll face Man City in Gameweek 1. On the surface it’s a tough fixture, but Son has actually scored two goals in his last three games against the current Premier League Champions.

He’s a man for the big occasions, and at £10.0m, good be an interesting differential.

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The Best Spurs FPL Players | Sergio Reguilón (DEF – £5.0m)

The fact that no Spurs FPL defender is priced at over £5.0m is probably down to the fact that only Eric Dier (£4.5m) played more than 2,500 minutes in defence for the North London club last season.

Reguilón played the second-most minutes (2,244). He managed to score 89 FPL points – the highest of any Spurs defender – in that time.

Jose Mourinho took no prisoners, rotating regularly amongst his back-line at the first sign of frailty. Nuno, meanwhile, might be in search of more consistency.

If Reguilón does get regular minutes, his attacking potential is huge. He managed an impressive six assists, giving him the fourth-most assists-per-90 of any defender to play over 2,000 minutes last season.

It’s no secret that Nuno likes an attacking full-back. Whilst questions loom over whether or not he’ll play a back four or a back five, it’s likely Reguilón will be his first choice in that left-back position.

It should yield plenty more opportunity for the former-Madrid man to build on a good opening Premier League season.

Premier League Fantasy Football 2021/22 Tips – Team Previews and Best Players

The Best Spurs FPL Players | Eric Dier (DEF – £4.5m)

Though Matt Doherty (£5.0m) would’ve been the more obvious pick here, Fantasy Football Hub don’t always like to go for the obvious picks. I think Eric Dier could be a more interesting FPL differential for the 2021/22 season.

My main reasoning for this might surprise some of you: Eric Dier is a fluent Portuguese speaker. The Spurs defender grew up in Portugal and came up through Sporting Lisbon‘s academy.

This wouldn’t be a huge asset for the Englishman if not for the fact that Nuno, who is himself Portuguese, appeared to gravitate towards Portuguese players at Wolves. Indeed, with Carlos Vinicius returning to Benfica, only Eric Dier and Lucas Moura (£6.5m) speak Nuno’s language at Spurs.

Let’s not forget that Dier had more minutes at Spurs than any other defender last season. Ryan Mason played him in all but one of his games in charge, including in the 1-0 defeat to Man City in the EFL Cup final.

He was an important, versatile player at this club last season. Now that Nuno has arrived, his utility has surely only increased.

My advice would be to use the Man City game in Gameweek 1 as a litmus test. If he starts, he has a good run of fixtures thereafter that could be worth investing £4.5m in.

You can find the best FPL players for all Premier League teams in our definitive guide!

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What are your thoughts? Comment on this article and let me know whether I’ve missed anyone. I’d love to hear who else from Spurs deserves to be on this list!

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