This is an FPL series by resident Hub statistician Carl Weeks. Carl uses his Algorithm forecasting tool that predicts FPL point based on spread betting odds to select his Fantasy Premier League team and make his transfers.


FPL Algorithm Team for Gameweek 25

Following a good run, my team has stalled over the last couple of match weeks. I was knocked out of the cup thanks partly to my opponent captaining Aguero (2 goals v Palace) and having Pope in goal (saved a pen v Vardy in my team). So the excitement of making a deep run didn’t last long.

As part of my strategy of moving off Man City players, I transferred out Silva for Martial. I have the feeling that my team and Martial are the fantasy Richard Burton Liz Taylor of the fantasy world (for younger reads a famous Holywood couple who had a long on/off turbulent relationship marrying each other twice). This has again brought me heartache as I only have one transfer and several injures. As Vardy was in my plans to go, he made way for DCL before the Liverpool match last week. I still have two orange flags – so may take another hit and switch Mane to Salah but will wait until after the West Ham game to ensure Salah isn’t injured.

In the longer term, I would be looking to recruit Jimenez and Traore as both are ranked highly by the algorithm with the bonus of being out of the FA cup so less likely to blank.

My team for this week is:


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