This is an FPL series by resident Hub statistician Carl Weeks. Carl uses his Algorithm forecasting tool that predicts FPL point based on spread betting odds to select his Fantasy Premier League team and make his transfers.


FPL Algorithm Team for Gameweek 29

A bit of a nerve-racking weekend with having two City players on the bench, Martial a doubt, Williams (Man United defender) not being a regular and Abraham a doubt. With news that Abraham was ruled out at the press conferences, I decided to take another hit with Montoya (who happened to be recalled) being replaced by C.Taylor. The question was who to replace Abraham with; Vardy was a possibility but with Leicester likely to blank in Gameweek 31 this ruled him out so it was really a toss up between Deeney and Pukki. The algorithm projected Pukki to score a couple more points than Deeney up to and including the blank game week, however Deeney was definitely playing in the blank and Pukki wasn’t. The saver move was to choose Deeney, but I decided to gamble on Pukki. It was a very low scoring game week and I was just happy to field eleven players and scored above the average with 35 points.

My plans for this coming weekend will depend on the results of the mid-week FA Cup games. Currently I’m focused on the short-term with the blank coming up and so my thoughts are moving out Martial for Sarr. There is a possibility I take a hit with Foster coming in for Norris, but that is much more dependent on the mid-week games (and not being able to field 11 in the blank).



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