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Right, back to the article...


Gameweek 27 Recap

Wow what an awful Gameweek!

Who did I tip?

  • Aubameyang (1) – I drafted the last article prior to the news that Lacazette would be banned in the Europa League and Aubameyang playing the full 90 mins. I was still optimistic he would play given his record with Arsenal and Dortmund but unfortunately, he was rested for this game and just given 15 mins to produce a solitary point.
  • Son (2) – I did highlight the upturn in Burnley’s form, but I still felt that Son would be able to get something here. I’m not sure if the return of Kane helped or hindered him, as the team mentality appears to revolve around getting Kane the ball when he’s on the pitch but he’s adopted a deeper position, which pretty much leaves Son up top.
  • Pogba (3) – United first half injuries pretty much killed this game. Without Lingard’s energy and a fit Rashford, United lose a lot of their attacking appeal. 
  • Salah (3) – his dire record vs United and the top 6 continues. Without Firmino to unlock the door, Liverpool will struggle to break down defensively organised sides.


In my previous article, I commented, “This is very tricky GW with most players’ favourite captain choices facing off in a potential stalemate.  This is a good week to try something different to make up some ground.”  Some of the punts I suggested would have turned this from an awful to an average Gameweek.


Some potential punts

  • Lacazette (7) / Kolasinac (8) – Arsenal were highlighted as the best fixture of the week and these two were the main beneficiaries.
  • King (7) – if he had converted his second penalty this would have been a double figure week.
  • Bamba (6) – “To top that off Watford have conceded the most attempts from set plays out of all of the teams, which could lead to another Bamba goal.”
  • Anderson (2) – Fulham’s leaky defence was exposed, but sadly Anderson did not turn up.
  • Barnes (7) – continues to impress, as do Burnley as a whole with him and Heaton the standout options.
  • Jimenez (7) / Jota (1) – Jimenez just keeps delivering and if Jota had gone for the pass rather than a wild shot he might have had two. Jota on the other hand is starting to remind me of when I held him earlier in the season.
  • Newcastle player – I think a CS is a near certainty though if you have a defender.” I was very impressed with Almiron as well.



After a terrible GW27 the good news is that we get some nice mid-week fixtures so we can forget about the previous Gameweek.  The bad news is that there are several good options this week and the wrong decision can really impact on your overall rank (OR) / mini-league (ML) position at this stage of the season.  This week I’m only really going to focus on the stand out options to help to differentiate them.



At a glance the following fixtures stand out to me:

  • Huddersfield v Wolves – despite having a new manager, Huddersfield just look like an easy opposition
  • Arsenal v Bournemouth – Arsenal score goals at home, Bournemouth tend to concede away, which should lead to FPL returns for Arsenal players
  • Liverpool v Watford – despite looking slightly out of form and lacking a creative player, you’d still fancy Liverpool to do some damage to Watford at home
  • Man City v West Ham – City at home are just dominant and West Ham don’t look like they’re capable of stopping them. There’s always the danger of Pep roulette though after the Cup Final.  For those angry Sané owners, there’s a good chance he plays this game.


Twitter Poll

Findings – I’m expecting it to be Salah, Aguero / Sterling, Auba / Laca


Old Haunting Ground – do any of these picks have a good history vs their opposition?

This can sometimes throw up some nice history (e.g. Aguero v Chelsea) but there aren’t many options here with relatively new players or teams to the league.


Salah really stands out here with 8 returns in 3 games, as do all 3 City boys.


Members Only

All stats are from OPTA based on the last four home games...