How do Players Becomes Unavailable on Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

Players become unavailable due to injuries, suspensions, or leaving the league. Their unavailability is indicated by either a red, amber or yellow ‘flag’ – clicking on it will tell you why that player is unavailable.

Generally speaking, Fantasy Premier League will only flag a player when the player, manager or someone else closely associated with the club confirms a reason for doubt.

If a player is allegedly missing from training or holding a bottle of Night Nurse on their latest Instagram post it might be a sign he’s likely to miss the next game, but unless this has been confirmed by a reliable source, the Fantasy Premier League won’t acknowledge it.

Rumours – however strong they might be – aren’t considered a dependable source of information by FPL HQ.

How can I Tell if an FPL Player is Unavailable?

A red flag means a player is almost certainly ruled out. Usually they’re carrying a serious injury, suspended or their manager has confirmed that they won’t start in the next game. It’s almost unheard of to see a red-flagged player start the next game.

Amber flags represent serious uncertainty. In other words, a player’s status is ambiguous, but the player remains unlikely to start. We often see amber flags when a player is recovering from a more serious injury, or when the severity of a recently acquired injury is still unknown. It’s very unusual to see an orange-flagged player start the next game.

Yellow flags are the least severe warning. They tell us that whilst a player’s status is still ambiguous, he has a feasible chance of starting the next game. Yellow flags often appear when a manager confirms that the player is carrying a minor injury or illness. It’s not unusual to see a yellow-flagged player start the next game, and often they’ll appear on the bench too.


How Reliable are the Appearance Likelihoods Given by FPL?

Fantasy Premier League also offer a likelihood of a player appearing in their next game.

For yellow flags, it will show a 75% chance of appearing in the next Gameweek. For orange flags you’ll see either 25% or 50%. There’s no percentage for red flags, but there’s an implied 0% chance.

These percentages are very vague, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. For a more reliable update on a player’s injury status, check out Ben Dinnery’s weekly injury updates here on Fantasy Football Hub.

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