This is a quick update on the prediction tool used in a previous article:

Forecasting model for fantasy football

There have been a few minor tweaks:

The players now have an assumed two points for playing a match.
An adjustment is made for Man of the Match awards. This can be switched on/off in cell C14 of the “User dashboard” page.

In addition to the tweaks above, I have also added a planner page (based on Ian’s planner tool).  For each match-day, this predicts the expected points a player would score and highlights in green the highest point scorer (a suggested captain’s pick).

Enter your team in cells F14:F24 (using the drop-down menu) and the number of transfers remaining in cell G29.  When making a change, use the drop-down menu to bring a player in.

There is an over-haul planned between week 27 and 28 so transfers can be made during this period with no transfers being used up. Also fixtures in weeks 31 and 35 are FA cup weeks. I’ve highlighted teams still in the cup Orange as these fixtures may still be moved (depends on results in next round of the cup).

If you wish to use this tool, it would probably be best to download a version and enter your team in this version on your machine.  The forecasts and fixtures are updated on a weekly basis, so these spreadsheets will be refreshed. If you want to use a refreshed version, then the easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the information in rows 14:24 from the original version to the refreshed version.

I have only just finished this update and wanted to make this available before the second half teams are required. If you require any more detail or have any questions then please leave comments below.

A link to the spreadsheet is here: