This post will reveal my FPL watchlist and latest team. I'll not be aiming to give a long explanation or detailed stats analysis of the best picks - others on the site are much better at that than me. But I do read all those articles (it's part of the gig running this site), so my opinions are formed from some of those excellent pieces, plus my own reading of the game we all love.

Before we begin, a shameless plug. I have put together a How To Win at FPL members guide with FPL Heisengerg. Basically, it does what it says on the tin and covers pretty much everything you need to do well and the game.. and win.

I'll not be doing a weekly FPL diary, for that, you should check this one out from Rob. Instead, I'll be jumping in at key intervals throughout the season and, if people find it useful, giving my two cents on the game using my team as an example.

Victor Moses Lawn

Why is this post called Victor Moses Lawn?

It's my new team name. I put a tweet out that had a ton of responses...


I then put my favourite to a vote and Victor Moses Lawn by @FPLPriceChanges came out on top (edging ahead of Good Will Punting). There are a lot of suggestions on that tweet, so check it out if you're still searching for a team name.

Right, lets get to it...

Keeper Watchlist

Premium Picks

There has been a lot of debate whether its best to go with a premium keeper of a budget stopper. My personal preference is to go budget, but there is certainly some merit in spending more for this position. If you are, my top pick would be De Gea. Not much to say here other than the Spaniard is the cheapest route into a solid united back line that will be heavily owned by the masses. The rest of United's defence looks a minefield to pick from, so if you want to be part of the United clean sheet party, De Gea offers a safe pair of hands. Ederson would come a close second, but I would be reluctant to use up a City spot on their keeper.

Budget options

There are a few good picks in the 4.5 budget range, but no 4.0 keepers certain starters. I used to rotate 4.5 keepers depending on fixtures, but it's been shown that cheap keeper rotation doesn't always pay off - stoppers are one of the few positions that fixtures don't really matter. That's because they often rack up more saves in harder games, especially at the budget end of the scale. My top picks for this position are Fabianski and Patricio. Both good keepers and should get plenty of saves points.

Defender Watchlist


Quite a few premium picks that I like the look of. Taking early fixtures, preseason form, potential for attacking returns and bonus all into consideration, Robertson, Coleman, Luiz, Davies and Patrick Van Aanolt have all been in my drafts. I'll explain which ones from this list and why when I reveal my current draft below.


At the 4.5 range, Cedric and Tomkins are probably my favourite picks. There's a chance Cedric could miss the first match as he's not played pre-season, but Hughes has hinted that he'll be rushed back to face Burnley. Tomkins takes a surprising amount of shots in the box and looks a decent bet with Palaces' opening fixtures. At the 4.0 range another Palace man, the young Wan-Bissaka, looks set to start. While Bednarek is another strong option if you're scraping the barrel.

Midfield Watchlist


I'm not going to mention Salah... Oh wait. Seriously, though, just get him in.

Teammate Mane looks a decent bet as well. Eriksen will always be a good fantasy option and looks the main man to target at Spurs if you fancy investing in their attack. Sane, Mahrez and B.Silva all look have the potential. You know one of them will get off to a flyer, but it's really tough trying to guess which one.

Despite his price tag, Sanchez is also in my thoughts and could start strongly. Its difficult to fit him in at that price point though.


There is a ton of options at the 6.5 bracket. Richarlison and Jota are probably my favourite picks, but others such as Milivojevic and Pedro make this an interesting price point. Coming in a bit cheaper at 5.0, I have also considered Will Hughes. 

Striker Watchlist


Aubameyang, Kane and Aguero. There is not a huge amount to say about these three other than I think Kane is being massively overlooked by the FPL community (I include myself in that by the way). It's understandable, though, as 12.5 is a massive outlay for someone not even guaranteed to start, especially when you need to fit in Salah as well. Lacazette and Firmino are the ones to watch for me in the next bracket down.


Anautovic, Zaha and King. Three excellent value picks, two of these will likely make my final team (as you'll see below). Kamara is really the only 4.5 option and may not even start.

My team

I’ll be revealing my current line up to members below along with a super handy free FPL tool that I recently discovered.