We are the new kids on the block for fantasy football and we plan on shaking up the way things are done. Why are we a ‘Hub’ I hear you ask? Well, for two reasons:

1. The Best Contributors.

Fantasy Football Hub brings you the very best fantasy football players, writers, bloggers and content creators under one roof. We already have a brilliant group of contributors signed-up and will be bringing more on in the near future. Here is our team so far:

The Hype Train 

Specialise in the Fantasy Premier League (#FPL) and provide beautiful graphics and weekly insights for hopeful players attempting to climb ranking tables.

Luke Williams

Experienced writer and podcaster, Luke has one of the best (if not the best) records around in the Sky game.

Dan Cox

Overall winner of last year’s Sky and simply way too good at fantasy football money games. He’ll be making weekly contributions on Sun Dream Team and managing the community hub (see below).

FPL Connect

We are also joining forces with FPL Connect. Simon and his team are dedicated to providing everything Fantasy Premier League, from tips and analysis, to news and insight.


Australia’s leading fantasy premier league provider. They take a lighter look at the game with a weekly podcast that aims to engage and entertain listeners with the latest banter and news.


Richard Kenny takes a unique ‘moneyball’ approach to FPL. His intriguing articles apply mathematics and numbers to select the best FPL players.

Mark Edworthy

Excellent writer and podcaster, Mark is getting a reputation for his expertise and skill in both Sky and FPL.

Lewis Nicklin

Another very skilled writer and podcaster (with Luke and Mark). Lewis also happens to be an all round fantasy football wizard.

Niall Murphy

Coming 3rd last year in Sky, Niall knows his onions when it comes to fantasy football. He’ll be providing brilliant and insightful articles that make you think.

Carl Weeks

Genius with numbers and statistics, Carl looks set to be giving you deep dive stats articles that will help you climb the ranks.

Paul Ferris

A sports enthusiast and top fantasy manager, Paul brings with him a wealth of IT support to help behind the scenes.

Will Thomas

Oh, and then there’s me. I’ll be rambling on about stuff now and again.

Interested in joining our team? If you are a keen writer or content creator on fantasy football and want to find out how being part of our team could earn you money, follow this link.

2. Social network dedicated to fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Hub acts as a modern, robust and sophisticated social network platform dedicated to all types of fantasy football. It offers a suite of components that are typical of a social network. Features include:

  • Create and update profiles, including the use of profile photos.
  • Make connections and send private messages. The community hub comes with a robust private messaging system, similar to that found on Facebook.
  • Join groups. I have set up separate FPL and Sky discussion groups already (see the sidebar).
  • Create groups. This option is for members only (see below). You can create private or public groups.
  • Follow activity streams. The community hub activity stream provides a quick digest of the recent activity from posts, comments, hot topics, groups, conversations (not your private ones) and more.
  • Participate in forum discussions. We will be running Hot Topics and you can create your own.
  • So much more. Yep, there’s even more. You’ll have to sign-up to find out though (its free by the way!)

To sign up, click here.

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