What is the Bench Boost in Fantasy Premier League?

The Bench Boost in Fantasy Premier League is a great opportunity to maximise your points on a given Gameweek. Like the other chips in FPL, the timing of the Bench Boost will determine how successful its deployment turns out to be.

In short, playing the Bench Boost means the points scored from your benched players are included in your total points score for that Gameweek.

A Bench Boost can only be played once during a season, and is only active for one Gameweek.

When is the Best Time to Play Your Bench Boost in FPL?

The vast majority of experienced managers will save their Bench Boost for a Double Gameweek. As we explain in our FPL Double Gameweek Guide 2021/22, a Double Gameweek means some players will play twice in the same Gameweek. Naturally, this presents a key opportunity to maximise the use of your Bench Boost.

If you want to successfully identify when we’ll have a Double Gameweek in the 2021/22 season, it’s worth keeping an eye on our fixture ticker.

Remember, the Bench Boost turns your benched players into point-scoring players, which means you effectively have a 15-man team, not an 11-man. If your benched players are playing twice, you double your chances of picking up high scores from them.

Another essential variable to consider is the dependability of the players you have at your disposal. It’s not uncommon to use a Bench Boost ahead of a Double Gameweek, only to find that several of your players fail to start both games.

As such, timing your Bench Boost to avoid fixture congestion for the players you own is a good way to avoid disappointment. Targeting the players who seldom miss a game will also help to mitigate against the risk of rotation.

Should I Combine my FPL Bench Boost With my Wildcard?

A common tactic employed by FPL managers is to use their Wildcard in the Gameweek immediately before they plan to use their Bench Boost. We tell you what a Wildcard is and when to use it right here.

The logic behind this strategy is clear: it gives managers the freedom to pick their optimal Bench Boost squad. They can get rid of dead-weight that they don’t expect to play and instead prioritise players that meet the desired specification for Bench Boosting.

On a foundational level, that means players that feature regularly for their club and have a good fixture or set of fixtures (if the Bench Boost is being played on a Double Gameweek). If they’re likely to add attacking returns and clean sheets to the points tally, that’s a huge bonus.


A Bench Boost being deployed in FPL.

When you play your Bench Boost, your bench will be highlighted dark green.

Does it Matter who I Bench During an FPL Bench Boost?

No, it doesn’t matter who you bench when you play your Bench Boost in FPL. That’s because all 15 members of your squad will be included in your points tally, regardless of whether they’re on your bench or not.

This is an important point to remember. You may avoid a benching headache for a Gameweek, but if one or more of your players fails to feature in their game(s), there’s no backup to fill their shoes.

How Many Points can I Score From an FPL Bench Boost?

The Bench Boost in Fantasy Premier League has a very high ceiling. In other words, the potential for big points returns is huge. If played on a Double Gameweek, we can effectively add a maximum of eight additional opportunities for scoring points.

To properly answer this question, we should firstly establish how the success of a Bench Boost is quantified. Some managers will intentionally bench their best players whilst playing their Bench Boost in order to magnify its impact. Others will count the extra points earned from their Bench Boost based on the players they would’ve benched in an ordinary Gameweek.

We’d recommend the latter. It’s better to base your points profit on the number of points that you would’ve missed out on had you not played your Bench Boost.

With this in mind, playing the Bench Boost on a Double Gameweek should, in theory, yield a minimum of 16 points. That’s based on each of your four benched players scoring two points per game across two games.

Whilst this sounds promising, the Bench Boost can often be disappointing. Even when combined with a Wildcard, it’s surprisingly difficult to find players that will dependably earn four points across a pair of fixtures. That’s because of bookings, injuries, squad rotation and various other factors.

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