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With rumours swirling that Lionel Messi is set to leave FC Barcelona, there is talk of him joining the Premier League.

With Messi’s high wages there are likely to only be two English clubs who could ever afford him: Manchester United and Manchester City.

The more likely destination for Messi would seem to be Man City; the chance to work with his old coach Pep Guardiola, as well as Argentinian teammate Sergio Aguero may be enough to tempt him to the north of England.

If he does come into the Premier League, we are going to see the best player in the world enter Footstock. Having scored and assisted at higher rates than nearly anyone else in history, let’s have a look at how many points we could expect to see him score per game.

Goals and Assists

In the most recent season of La Liga, Messi scored a crazy 25 goals and 21 assists in just 32 games. This means an average of 0.78 goals per game and 0.65 assists per game. If we input this into Footstock’s scoring matrix (20 points for a goal, 10 for an assist) we get a huge score of 22.2 points per game. This would already put him comfortably into the 4* category - and that’s without including anything else.


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