It may be the biggest footballing event, but Fantasy Football Hub and our contributors are taking a back seat and enjoying the show. Myself and our writers are on a much-needed break (so we can come back strong for the coverage of FPL, Sky and other fantasy games).

That said, there’ll still be plenty of activity on the hub through our leagues and new forum


Official McDonald’s game

The big one.

If you haven’t done already (what are you waiting for!?), click this AUTO-JOIN link.

Oldskool? Here’s the code: GDL7H7GP

FFH McDonald’s League Prize

As this is the main game, and played by over half our followers, we’ll be offering some prizes.

Winners will be given 1 years FFH membership worth £24.

PLUS  have offered to give away entry tickets to the winners of rounds 2, 3 and 1st knock out round (£11 for each winner).

Our members have also set up some additional leagues if you’re keen to get involved…

Sun dream team world cup

Set up by our SDT contributor Aaron

Code: WC5HP3HY


Set up by our contributor Ian Parrin

Pin: 2018

World Cup Forum

To celebrate the World Cup, we have relaunched our community Forum.

Although its called a forum it acts more like a social network site dedicated to fantasy football. You can add friends, view activity streams, send private messages and so much more.

Good luck!


PS Here are some tweets that might be helpful…

Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar?

Fixture difficulty

Need more Leagues?