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Fantasy Premier League

Weekly Points: 51 (-4)

Overall Rank: 639,729

Overall Rank %: c. Top 9% 


Gameweek 17 Team Review

Not a good gameweek and again the past couple of week's hard work undone. As planned I took out Alexander-Arnold and Connolly out early in the week as I had the exact money for Rashford and Kelly which allowed me to retain Robertson as Liverpool defensive cover... I feel a little unfortunate as I was 0.1m short of taking Robertson out then he gets rested! Thankfully, as most other people did, we had the early warning on this from FPL_Rockstar so I made a last-minute -4 to take Robertson out for Pereira who I had been eyeing up over the past few weeks. In the short term this didn't pay off with my double Lecicester defence conceding against Norwich but I am happy to him even against Man City where I think he could have some joy down the right wing. The second slice of bad fortune was D.Silva missing out against Arsenal who I am convinced would have scored some points had he played. This, coupled with De Bruyne (who Silva has been matching over the past few weeks) taking off saw a huge red arrow for me overnight. Thankfully Guaita put in another great performance for his third 8+ point haul on the trot so give me something to cheer about in an otherwise dire week with high scores all around me.

Fantasy Football Hub

Andrew's FPL Gameweek 17 Points


Gameweek 18 Transfer and Captaincy Plan

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