Welcome back to my game-weekly FPL diary where I am putting all of my thoughts out there for anyone to read. Hopefully they help some of you with your FPL decisions.

Below you can see my progress so far this season…

Bebob FC

Last Gameweek pts: 94
Total points: 1,877
Rank: 12,728th

Another green arrow sees my rank rise to 12,728th. Wow, Mo Salah scoring 58 of my 94 points was pretty special. Any risk takers who captained someone else in Gameweek 31 will certainly have suffered. Charlie Daniels and Theo Walcott finally provided some returns by getting an assist a piece. However, a couple of my other players who I brought in for this week proved a fail. Bauer didn’t even play and it was gutting to have gone for Mounie over Tosun – it had been a toss up between the two.

“Let’s keep the green train running!” – Now we are at the business end of the season, I hope my planned out Chip Strategy will come in to play and allow me to climb the rankings and achieve my target of a top 5K finish.


I activated my wildcard after the Liverpool v Watford game to not only beat any price rises but because I felt saving it for any later in the season would be a detriment to my team’s scoring power. I had a lot of Blank Gameweek deadwood to get rid of.

I haven’t 100% decided on my team yet and will certainly be paying attention to the final press conferences today to help me make my final decisions. You can see a list of players below who I am certain I will be sticking with in my wildcard selection.

De Gea

NOTE: Each week I will always try to wait until we are close to the deadline before committing to any transfers. (Often Friday night/Saturday morning) This allows me to absorb as much information as possible and not get caught out by any late injury news etc.

Bebob FC Captain GW31CAPTAIN
This week I think I will be keeping the armband on Mo Salah.

Thank you for reading my FPL diary post, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. I’m always trying to improve the feature so any suggestions of further information you would like me to include in the future are very welcome. – Good luck in Gameweek 32 guys!