Welcome back to my new game-weekly FPL diary where I am putting all of my thoughts out there for anyone to read and hopefully it will help some of you with your FPL decisions.

Below you can see my progress so far this season…

Bebob FC

Last Gameweek pts: 64
Total points: 1,536
Rank: 2,870th

Thanks to Pope, Sterling, Salah, Firmino and Callum Wilson, Gameweek 25 provided a nice green arrow up to 2,870th overall.

“Don’t rush your transfers” – I’m very happy that I waited until just a few hours before the deadline to make my transfers (something that I always try to do), as I would have given myself a big Mahrez shaped problem to deal with.

I have 2 Free Transfers currently and I plan to complete the following transfers:

Son > Walcott
Christensen > Daniels/Dawson/Bauer

With a big blank Gameweek coming up in GW31, I have a choice to make of whether I am going to use my free transfers between now and then to get in players that are guaranteed/likely to be playing or to use my Free Hit chip that week. As my squad already has a fair few players that will be or at least look likely to be playing in GW31, I will be trying to give myself the option of using the Free Hit Chip in Gameweek 35. With that in mind, I will be bringing in one of the defenders mentioned above for the injured Christensen and the in form Theo Walcott in for Son.    

Bebob FC Captain GW26CAPTAIN
With big hitters Kane and Salah taking on each other at Anfield, I plan on captaining Raheem Sterling.

Thank you for reading my FPL diary post, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. I plan on improving the feature as I go along so any suggestions of further information you would like me to include in the future are very welcome. – Good luck in Gameweek 26 guys!