What is a Blank Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

A Blank Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)  is caused by the rearrangement of fixtures due to other cup competitions.

It is when several teams do not play within a Gameweek so fielding a starting eleven may prove challenging for your FPL team.

Double Gameweeks are formed as a consequence of Blank Gameweeks.

Similar to Double Gameweeks, blanks often occur towards the end of the season when cup competitions are past the quarter-final stage.

Blank Gameweek 29 fixtures

How can we Navigate Blank Gameweeks in FPL?

Every season differs in terms of which teams have a Blank Gameweek but chips such as the Free Hit allow us to navigate these blanks and doubles.

Some big teams like Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United could all blank within the same Gameweek.

Instead of getting rid of their players and losing the best FPL assets, you can just Free Hit them out of your squad and get them back the following Gameweek.

This is because the Free Hit allows you to make unlimited changes to your squad for one week only.

When are the Blank and Double Gameweeks in the 2021/22 Season?

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