Sun Dream Team – Gameweek 3

Following on from the last post I was hoping that Sergio Aguero would get me a goal or two against Bournemouth. Needless to say Pep Guardiola had other ideas and benched him.

Annoyed with this I took instant action and transferred out Aguero for Gabriel Jesus and gave myself another 2m in the bank with Jesus costing just 5m compared to Aguero at 7m.

Jesus did at least get eight points. A Goal ( five points ) and a player rating of over 7 ( three points ) So I feel somewhat justified making the switch. Plus at the end of this game week the variable player pricing kicks in and it’s somewhat based on a players three game average points so Aguero being priced at 7m and only scoring 8 points so far would potentially drop the maximum amount of 0.3m. Jesus would also drop but as he is priced at 5m it would only be 0.1m or 0.2m.

Weekly performance

I had another good week. My trio of Liverpool players racked up the points in the 4-0 demolition of Arsenal. I also got clean sheets for Valencia and Stephen’s. Hegazi’s error leading to the Stoke equaliser cost me ten points with Foster and the aforementioned losing out on the clean sheet points.

Team on Saturday 27th August

This is the team I began the weekend with after the Aguero to Jesus transfer and the points they all received.

Planning ahead

I still have two August transfers to use before I lose them on Friday September 1st. I can make transfers after the games this weekend and they will be pending until the gameweek finishes this Friday. As I mentioned before the variable player pricing kicks in after three weeks so this Friday at 7am the players prices will rise and fall depending on the points they have scored over the last three games.

With this is in mind I have decided to take out Ben Foster. He’s done well and should rise in price but if I bring in De Gea now priced at 4m still it allows me to get him in before he rises too much that he’s out of reach. Plus he’s a season long pick then.

I will also transfer out Jesus for Mkhitryan. Jesus looks set to drop in price whereas Mkhitryan with the points he has scored already will no doubt rise by 0.3m

Team to start September

Using the remaining transfers this is how I’ll line up going into September.

I have 3m in the bank and all my players with the exception of Kompany have risen in price. So I now have a team and budget adding up to 52.4m.

I’m currently 222 overall with 249 points and pretty happy with my start.

I just need to look at septembers fixtures and decide wether to bring Harry Kane in now. As he’s dropped from 8m to 7.7m.  Or I could wait another game week hope that he doesn’t score any and that he’ll drop another 0.3m. I could then pick him up for 7.4m.

I could bring him straight in now for Mkhitryan with the 3m I have left over in the budget. Any day of the week you’d want Harry Kane over Mkhitryan but you have to consider the price increases/decreases and what that means to your overall team.