Not the best of starts for this team with most of the highly owned players firing and Trossard (0.7%) and Lacazette (3.2%) getting benched! Luckily I captained Martial (8.5%) who got the goal and had a couple of clean sheets from Coleman (3.5%) and Laporte (6.8%).



Fortunately Martial stays under 10% ownership at the time of writing so I can keep him for around another week. It doesn’t look like Alonso (4.4%) is first choice so I have a problem there so I need to fix that going forward but as I was struggling for a decent captain option this week I decided to take a punt on Kean (6.8%) at the expense of Giroud (2.3%). Hopefully the differentials can rise this week!


Good luck everyone and may your differentials shower you in green arrows!

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