Congratulations if you followed last week, we smashed it again at the weekend with well over half of the picks returning for around 70 points from the 12 picks who started.

One of the top pieces of FPL advice I follow is to always look ahead to a minimum of 3 weeks in advance when making transfers and try to focus on fixing the weakest link. This helps build and maintain a well-rounded team with good depth and good point-scoring potential all over the pitch rather than relying on just a few key players each week. In my opinion, far too much thinking is spent on who to captain each week, rather than how to maximise your budget across your squad, spending money in the right places, maintaining structural flexibility and ensuring a continual influx of points from across your team. Successful FPL managers have well-balanced teams with a focus on value all over the pitch; the boring moves are the winning moves and the difference between finishing in the top 200k and the top 20k.

The Watchlist is focussed on lesser obvious picks (under 10% ownership) with potential good value that can keep our scores ticking along whether the big boys’ fire or not. They are not sexy nor exciting and I’m not saying to bring them in right away, but they are players that I feel can offer great value to a squad over the medium term and give those extra few points in the background that we all crave each week. I will also highlight the key players I am thinking of bringing in over the next week or two.


Removed from Watchlist

Fraser – 5.7m (Bournemouth) – 11.1% owned

Exceeded the <10% ownership criteria

Bennett – 4.1m (Wolves) – 10% owned

Exceeded the <10% ownership criteria

Kelly – 4.0m (Crystal Palace) – 5.9% owned

With Tomkins back, have removed.


At Risk of Removal 

None this week


Keeping their place

Ings – 5.7m (Southampton) – 7.6% owned

Continues to look dangerous, on penalties and a great price. Can’t play next weekend but only two difficult fixtures in the following seven.

Jiminez – 5.5m (Wolves) – 5% owned

Very lively, a great 3rd striker pick at 5.5m and is a real livewire who makes his own chances. Only one difficult fixture in the next six. Four good fixtures on the bounce following United this weekend.

Doherty – 4.4m (Wolves) – 1.4% owned

A very attacking full back with great stats and a good four fixtures after this weekend. Another return last weekend with maximum BPS.

Luiz – 5.5m (Chelsea) – 4.1% owned

5.5m for a nailed Chelsea defender is value however you look at it. Always a threat and has massively increased his number of passes since Jorginho’s arrival. Fixtures stiffen after this weekend so may be at risk next week.

Pereira – 5.1% (Leicester) – 5.2% owned

Played in right midfield again and looked dangerous. Leicester have a run of only one difficult game in the next nine. A return last weekend.

Vardy – 8.9m (Leicester) – 3.6% owned

Has a great spell of fixtures. Is being widely ignored at the moment due to his ban, early investment could be a real differential particularly due to his awkward pricepoint.

Schurrle – 5.9m (Fulham) – 5.1% owned

Fulham look good going forward and only have one difficult fixture in the next six.

Maddison – 6.6m (Leicester) – 5.6% owned

Very creative and a great run of fixtures coming up. On set pieces and another return last weekend.

Seri – 5.4m (Fulham) – 3.8% owned

Looks a real class act, playing more advanced in recent games with good players around him. Only has one difficult fixture in the next six.

Shaw – 5.1m (Man Utd) – 9.3% owned

On the cusp of the 10% ownership but if he is out for a week or so his ownership will drop in time for investment into a great run of fixtures. I am dubious he will retain the left back spot long term but at the moment it is his to lose and he is very attacking. Only two difficult fixtures in the next nine.

New to the differential Watchlist

King – 6.3m (Bournemouth) – 4.5% owned

Great run of games with one difficult game in the next seven. On pens and on form in an attacking team.

Billing – 4.5m (Man Utd) – 2.8% owned

An ideal 5th midfielder who has scored a couple of times this season and is nailed on to start. Not exciting but a good bench option with only two difficult games in the next eight.

Tomkins – 4.4m (Man Utd) – 4.2% owned

The defensive lynchpin is back with an immediate clean sheet. Four good games on the bounce before it turn nasty.


Summary Table

MidfieldFraser5.5m 5.2%
ForwardVardy 8.9m3.7%


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Good luck everyone.


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