Former HOF Number 1 FPL Manager Richard Clarke is an FPL veteran and has one of the most enviable best records out there, notching 2 top 500 finishes, 8 top 10k finishes and has never finished outside the top 0.5% in every single one of his 14 seasons. Rich will be revealing his team on a weekly basis in 2020/21 season; providing observations and strategy comment where appropriate.  

Fantasy Premier League Tips DGW27

Rich's FPL record

Double Gameweek 26 Performance: 99 points (-8)

(Rank change = up 8,000 places to 39K )

best fpl players for double gameweek 27

Rich's Double Gameweek 26 Points

Brief review of Double Gameweek 26

The biggest double game week in FPL history did not live up to expectations.

All kinds of chips were played, hits taken aplenty and squads overhauled. There was also half an eye on blank Gameweek 29 as fantasy managers looked to maximise on double Gameweek fever!

What we actually got were a lot of dull, low scoring games, heavy rotation and one or two key injuries to deal with.

Overall it was a disappointing set of football matches. Players look tired due to the schedule and are 'going through the motions' to a certain extent.

Bench Boost and Triple Captainers will generally have felt they should have held on to their chips.

My Team in Double Gameweek 26

I set up my team to Bench Boost last week. Overall the score (+18) was OK and I got a decent green arrow, but (like many) it felt like a case of what might have been?

3 (of 4) Transfers - Harry Kane (c) - 16 points, Emi Martinez - 12 points and Lucas Digne - 14 points went well.  They more than paid back the points hits.

My fourth move - the popular Harvey Barnes picked up an injury in the first hour of the first game, so that was one that didn't pay off.

For my team it was the goalkeepers (24 points!) and defence that scored most of the points last week. Sam Johnstone  was an unlikely hero against a profligate Brighton, while John Stones, Martinez and Digne also reached double-figures.

I just missed out on the century of points but a near 20% improvement in rank saw me enter the Top 40K for the first time this season.  This is a nice milestone for me as I have been told I will likely be the only person ever to do this 15 times if I finish inside there this season!

Double Gameweek 27

Manchester City will dominate transfers and captaincy decisioning this week, with two home matches against Manchester United and Southampton.  The experience of Pep Guardiola's  recent rotation policy does not guarantee anyone will play both games, however!

Southampton also have a double gameweek - away to Sheffield United, then Manchester City. Interest in bringing in their players given their second Gameweek opponent is likely to be low...


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