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Essential Tottenham FPL Stats | Attacking Numbers

Unsurprisingly, Tottenham created most of their chances through the centre of the field.

Nuno Espírito Santo is in charge now, so there will inevitably be some evolution for Spurs. While Spurs had 23 chances from counter-attacks, Nuno had 24 with Wolves last season.

Nuno sorely missed having a target-man in Raul Jimenez (£7.5m) last season. It’s difficult to think of a better target than Harry Kane (£12.5m) this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their split of 132 chances from the centre (4th) compared to 91 from the right and a surprisingly low 94 from the left, skew even further towards the centre.


Essential Wolves FPL Stats 2021/22


Spurs’ 3rd most assists (50) is a something to be examined by each FPL manager individually. It comes from an xA of 25.28. Is it over-performance of expected stats due to a clinical counter-attacking team? Or is the massive delta of 24.62 too much of an outlier?

Spurs having the 8th fewest shots in the box could also be a result of their counter-attacking style. As such, it may not be of too much concern.

Nuno is inheriting a team with some good dribblers. Spurs had the 6th most successful dribbles and the 6th most dribbles last season. He liked dribbling players at Wolves as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see players given freedom to run with the ball.

One big change that wouldn’t surprise me is if Nuno gets Spurs crossing more.

Remember, Nuno’s Wolves side had the 2nd most crosses last season (580). Spurs, by contrast, had the 5th most headed goals (10), but the 8th fewest headed shots (72) and the fewest crosses (526).

I’m very interested to see what Nuno can do if he commits to crosses given Kane’s efficiency with them.

Essential Spurs FPL stats kane and son

Spurs’ attackers could benefit from more crosses next season.

Essential Tottenham FPL Stats | Defensive Numbers

Defensively, there are three areas of improvement for Spurs: discipline, tactical awareness and technique. Wolves conceded the 2nd most penalty kicks (10) and added three own goals.

I also expect a goalkeeper of Hugo Lloris’ caliber to not have 22 parries to the opposition, but this has always been an Achilles’ heel of his.

Nuno will look to build on a Spurs defence that conceded the 4th fewest big chances (55). They are, however, vulnerable on the flanks: conceding the 6th most chances from the right (132) and the 4th most crosses from both the left and right (377/377).

OPTA Stats for Fantasy Football

The conundrum for me with Spurs is in their expected data. They outperformed their expected goals against by more than any other team (-5.03) and they also outperformed their expected goals by a whopping 14.23.

Do we put this down to style of play? Another question for managers who are considering Spurs FPL assets.

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