Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal: @FPL_Salah

With 4 x Top 1k and 5 x Top 5k finishes to his name, FPL Salah is widely considered to be one of the best fantasy managers in the world. Here he'll reveal his Euro 2020 fantasy team for Matchday 2, his captaincy options and his plans each matchday exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 


Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal - Matchday 1 Review 

I currently have 55 points and haven't gotten off to the best start in the Euro 2020 fantasy football game.

Hradecky and Lukaku were the only players with any meaningful returns for me so far at the time of writing. Jason Denayer and Owen Wijndal were both benched which pretty much decimated my squad. At this rate, I can't see myself saving the Wildcard for after the group stages as I had originally planned.

My current captain scores have been Berardi (6), Eriksen (1), Depay (2), and Torres (3). The last roll of the dice will be on Ronaldo against Hungary. If I come out with a captain blank at the end of this Matchday then I will be really disappointed, to say the least!

With all of that said, the week was marred by the extremely unfortunate circumstances surrounding Christian Eriksen's collapse. Those images will forever be etched in my memory. I am just so relieved and glad that he's doing well and - based on recent updates - seems to be in good spirits.

It's times like these where football, fantasy football, and everything else really just feels so trivial and puts everything into perspective.


Matchday 1 Points. euro fantasy football tips

Matchday 1 Points


Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Fixtures

Matchday 2

Matchday 2 Fixtures. Best player euro 2020 fantasy football

Matchday 2 Fixtures

Matchday 3 

Matchday 3 Fixtures. Euro 2020 fantasy football tips

Matchday 3 Fixtures

Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal | Matchday 2 Thoughts

If you read my article for Matchday 1 then you will know I opted to go for option 2, which means for Matchday 2 I will play my Limitless Chip. Initially I had planned to use the Limitless in Matchday 2 and save the Wildcard for after the group stages, but with the way my team is looking at the moment, I can see myself using all my chips in the first three rounds.

With Eriksen out of the tournament and at least two players as potential non-starters it seems inevitable.

As we are still in the midst of Matchday 1 my team won't be finalised until around an hour before the deadline when we get the early team news for Finland vs Russia. However, I have a good idea of the players I want, and any changes I make won't be too drastic.


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