Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal: @FPL_Salah

With 4 x Top 1k and 5 x Top 5k finishes to his name, FPL Salah is widely considered to be one of the best fantasy managers in the world.

Here he'll reveal his Euro 2020 fantasy team for Matchday 4 and his captaincy options exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. 

Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal - Matchday 3 Review 

Matchday 3 turned out to be a good week in the end with 71 points in total. My captain on the second day, Memphis Depay (€10.1m) paid dividends with a massive 12 points and the rest of the team chipped away with an all-round solid team performance.

My overall rank is 30k out of around 3.5m players, so it's not going too bad at all. Mason Mount (€7.1m) having to isolate was just extremely unfortunate but it's one of those things we have no control over so not worth mulling over.

Will Thomasffhwill

Matchday 3 Points. Euro fantasy football

Matchday 3 Points

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Fixtures - Matchday 4 

Round of 16 Fixtures. euro fantasy football tips

Round of 16 Fixtures

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football | Matchday 4 Thoughts

So we are back to having another Wildcard for Matchday 4. This is where the serious planning starts.

It's knockout stage time - remember that after this Matchday (round of 16) we only get three free transfers before the quarter-finals, five free transfers before the semi-final and five free transfers before the final.

Every transfer we make over this allowance deducts four points from our score. Also in the Round of 16, we can now pick up to four players from one team. For the quarter-finals, it's five, semi-finals - six and eight in the final.

Therefore a bit of gambling and predicting is required when picking our teams. Looking at the graphic below we can see Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands look to have the best fixtures and the best chance of progressing. Belgium and Portugal is a tough one to predict so loading up on their players is risky.

Also looking at the possible scenarios, The Netherlands seem to have one of the easiest fixtures if they progress as they will be playing one of Denmark or Wales. So a triple or quadruple up on them looks a good bet.

Round of 16 Fixtures. euro ff tips

Round of 16 Fixtures


Euro 2020 Fantasy Team Reveal | The Best Matchday 4 Team (Wildcard)

So taking the above into account I have come up with this for now. I would advise keeping a close eye out on any team news coming out of the team camps also.

Certain players may change due to team news and early line-up confirmations.


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