Euro 2020 Fantasy Tips | The Biggest Bargain in Each Position

Having read almost every single Euro 2020 fantasy tips article on the site, FFHub’s Deputy Editor @FFH_James provides a breakdown of the best value fantasy assets in each position. 

Everything you need to know about Euro 2020 fantasy lurks behind this link. Team guides, strategy, chips, captains. You name it, we’ve got it.

The Best Value Euro 2020 Fantasy Goalkeeper

Unai Simón | Spain | €5m | 1% owned

Whether it’s because of his relatively low footballing profile or his extraordinarily ordinary name, Simón is going under the Euro fantasy radar. But what the Bilbao shot-stopper lacks in exoticism, he more than makes up for in value.

Most who follow the Spanish team closely expect him to start ahead of David de Gea, a fact that didn’t elude @CoysFPL in his Spain team preview. It appears the researchers at the official Euro 2020 fantasy game weren’t quite as diligent.

With a sympathetic opening fixture against Sweden, Simón says bring Simón in.


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The Best Value Euro 2020 Fantasy Defender

Joakim Mæhle| Denmark | €4.5m | 4% owned

Though 25% of Euro 2020 fantasy managers have opted for Mæhle’s colleague, Simon Kjær, many have overlooked this far more promising prospect. Besides, I have it on good authority that if you include two Simons in the same fantasy article your site gets taken down.

Mæhle has played just 10 games for Denmark, but has scored in 20% of those matches. In fact, he’s scored just one goal less than Kjær despite having played 97 fewer fixtures.

Kjær, meanwhile, hasn’t scored on international duty since 2016. I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that was when the last Euros were on. Blimey.

If his goalscoring threat isn’t enough to persuade you, Denmark play Finland in their first game. Some bookies are giving them the best chance of a clean sheet in Matchday 1.

Listen, don’t take my word for it. One of the best managers in the world, @FPL_Salah, has included him in both iterations of his Matchday 1 squad. You can’t say fairer than that.

The Best Value Euro 2020 Fantasy Midfielder

euro 2020 fantasy football netherlands

Georginio Wijnaldum| Netherlands | €8m | 7% owned

I know what you’re thinking: Why Naldum? Isn’t his fantasy output at Liverpool negligible?

That, reader, is why he’s only 7% owned. My advice? Don’t let his role at Liverpool distract you from his rather remarkable international record.

In his seven qualifying starts for the Netherlands, he scored eight goals and provided three assists. Not bad for a so-called holding midfielder.

The truth is, Wijnaldum is a fantastic attacking threat when he’s wearing orange. Klopp should really take note.

The Netherlands have a sympathetic group too, starting with a cushty fixture against Ukraine.

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How To Play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

The Best Value Euro 2020 Fantasy Forward

Memphis Depay | Netherlands | €10m | 21% owned

Double Dutch just got a whole new meaning as Wijnaldum’s compatriot Memphis Depay sneaks onto this list too.

There’s a formula that many Euro 2020 fantasy managers are using – consciously or otherwise – to inform their selection decisions. It goes roughly something like this:

(club form + international form + fixtures + likelihood of starting)



If this rings true for you, look no further than Depay. As @CoysFPL outlines in his Netherlands team preview, the Lyon man excels in more or less every metric available to us.

He scored 19 and assisted 10 for his club last season, as well as scoring six and assisting eight in under 500 minutes of Euro 2020 qualifying involvement. He’s also the penalty taker for the Netherlands. This man has it all: goals, assists, penalties and a lovely set of group fixtures to boot.

On paper, he should be as pricey as the likes of Lukaku and Kane. In reality, he comes it at just €10m. Hardly languishing in the bargain bucket, but not exactly behind the glass case either.

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