Welcome to Andrew Ferguson's Fantasy Football Diary. Andrew is a veteran all-round fantasy football player, with five consecutive top 1% finishes (best 715th) and numerous top 100 finishes across multiple formats (Top 100 in #SkyFF and #TFF 18/19). He'll be covering his progress and tips through the season in Fantasy Premier League, Sky Sports Fantasy Football, Telegraph Fantasy Football and Sun Dream Team exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

Well, my well planned Free Hit and Bench Boost chips in FPL ended up being a bit of a damp squib, albeit I did glean some rank rises to at least move in the right direction. The double Gameweek celebrations lasted all of 30 minutes as Sam Johnstone was left out of the West Brom squad which I must admit, did feel like a slap in the face, particularly as I took a hit to get him in. My being £0.1m short to move Adams to Antonio also stung a little but I can't complain too much with a green arrow, albeit not quite as dark a shade I had envisaged. I must say, I am very glad the chips are out of my eye-line now so I concentrate on my starting XI from here on out.

Elsewhere, my flying Sky and Sun Dream Teams had their wings clipped a little (albeit both are still in very decent positions) whilst my biggest inroads have been in my Telegraph team as jumping on the Man City defence at the right time, with all of them inexplicably having sub-10% ownership, boosted me up towards the region to begin properly challenging for my mini-leagues.

The next couple of weeks will be mental again with four FPL deadlines in 11 days followed quickly by the Sky Overhaul period, but after that the Gameweeks seem to go back to a weekly cadence which hopefully, subject to us being over the worst of Covid postponements, should bring a little normality back to football scheduling and fantasy football planning. Whilst I have enjoyed the craziest period of Premier League football I have ever known, I am looking forward to not having a high profile Covid case, postponement or random fixture thrown into the mix causing me to spit out my morning coffee all over my now redundant carefully formulated plans.

With the football relentless and formats such as the Telegraph and Sun Dream Team scoring FA Cup points, I'm putting this article out a little early this week as it's the only football gap I can find until Gameweek 20 kicks off! At the time of writing there is still the Aston Villa v Newcastle Premier League match to be played alongside the full set of FA Cup 4th round matches.

Fantasy Premier League

Gameweek 19 Review

Points: 102 (-4) to date

Overall Rank: 152k

Arrow: Green

fantasy football tips

Andrew's Gameweek 19 Points (to date)

My bench boost was a bit of a disaster with Leeds barely turning up against Brighton, the Johnstone no-show and me being £0.1m short to switch Adams to Antonio will haunt me for a while. I likely would have played Bamford ahead of Lowton in my starting XI but a net 10 points isn't great. I did have an alternative Bench Boost plan which was Son, Adams and Lowton to Maddison, Antonio and Cancelo for a -8 which would have been pretty profitable but what can you do. My team is still in pretty decent shape as we move into Gameweek 20 and with the Leeds vs Southampton rearranged game likely to be scheduled in the next few Gameweeks, I may hold onto those players for a week or two to see how it lands. I am hoping my patience in holding on to Son will pay off too with many understandably ditching to maximise the double Gameweek, albeit the recent De Bruyne injury has given them an easy route back in.

Gameweek 20/21 Teams and Captains


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