Fantasy football Gameweek 38 tips from Fergi.

Fergi has five consecutive FPL top 1% finishes (best 715th), numerous top 100 finishes across Sky Fantasy Football and Telegraph Fantasy Football and is currently top of the Dream Team leaderboard. He covers his progress and tips ahead of every Gameweek across all these formats exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. Well the end of the season is in sight and what dramatic and crazy season it has been. In 20+ years of playing fantasy football this has by far been the most challenging and I would like to thank all my readers for their support and understanding in my trying to put across my thoughts and transfer plans across every week, some of the time not even knowing what the fixture schedule looks like for the following week! Personally, after my horror show of a 2019/20 fantasy season, I'm back to having a reasonably decent season this time around in all formats and also feel I have learnt more in this season than any other from being able to spend time with the incredible fantasy managers we have here at Fantasy Football Hub. I am still very much in the hunt for a great finish and potentially even winning Dream Team which would be the icing on the cake but whatever happens, it's been an amazing journey and even to be in the conversation at the death is more than I could have ever imagined at the start of the season. I hope this 2020/21 diary series has been of interest and even some help to some of you this season and I wish you all the very best of luck for the final throws over the coming few days. I will, of course, be back next season fighting on all fronts. Have a great summer all.

Fantasy Premier League

Gameweek 37

Points: 49 Overall Rank: 41k Arrow: Red fantasy football tips for gameweek 38 A disappointing penultimate Gameweek with a small red arrow with some of my key options not performing (I'm looking at you again Dominic). Pickford paid back his hit from the previous week and as you see I was very fortunate in falling for the early, and incorrect, Greenwood benching news with Watkins coming in to somewhat save my Gameweek! Rudiger's bench points are a bit of a tale of my season; I've benched far too many points this term and that is something I need to work on next season. I take heart in that I'm largely picking the right players for my 15, but generally not getting that starting XI quite right. I've benched 237 points since Gameweek 21, an average of 14 per Gameweek!

Gameweek 38 Team and Captain


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