If you’re after FPL tips to help you beat your mates, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be giving away 10 essential winning Fantasy Premier League Tips (FPL) TIps. These will teach you how to play the game, climb overall rank and win your mini-league.

I’ve been playing FPL for over nine years and racked up six top 10,000 finishes, with a best rank of 82nd in the world. I’m also author of our How To Win at FPL Video Series and Guide and founded Fantasy Football Hub in order to justify my obsession! I’m not saying this to boast, just to reassure you that these tips come from years of playing the game.

1. Play the fixtures

I don’t mean just the looking at next Gameweek. Have a look at the next 4-6 Gameweeks and don’t use the fixture difficulty rating on the FPL site (that thing is useless). There are lots of FPL tickers out there, but I’d recommend our advanced fixture ticker on site – it uses bookies spread betting odds to tell you the best fixtures for attack and defence.

2. Pay close attention to stats

No one can watch all the Premier League games, paying close attention to what the numbers say is absolutely crucial to rising the ranks. What stats should you look out for? Well, there are tons that are useful, but the big ones for me are shots, shots on target, expected goals, expected assists and big chances created. You can access all the relevant fantasy stats on our new OPTA Stats Tool.

3. Take advice from top ranked players

At fantasy football hub, we have some of the very best – if not the best – FPL players in the world. All of them have top rank finishes to their names, but Matthew Jones and Richard Clarke have a combined 18 top 15k finishes between them – they both giving weekly advice to our members.

4. Pick value players

It may sound obvious, but you have a budget, so spend it wisely. When picking between two players, don’t just go for the one that you think will net you the most points. If another player is offering fewer points but is significantly cheaper, they may actually be the wiser investment. This will allow you to have a balanced squad that is full of players churning out the points.

5. Don’t pay too much attention to last weeks points

This is a big one. Everyone wants ‘that’ player who scored double-digit points last Gameweek, but we don’t really care about last weeks points as there is no way of getting them now. What we care about is future points potential. Do they have good fixtures? What about there underlying stats? Are they good value? Are they nailed on? These are the questions that you should be asking yourself before hitting that transfer button.

6. Target players with multiple sources of points

The best fantasy picks are often set piece takers – especially those on penalties and corner duties. They provide a steady stream of points even if they don’t play well. Some teams are also known for being awarded penalties (usually those with fast-paced forwards and wingers). Picking the penalty takers from these sides is often a shewed move. It’s not just being on set pieces that matter. An example would be that attacking full back that racks up assists, clean sheets, goals and bonus points – the fantasy managers dream. Jump on these players as early as possible and stick with them.

7. Avoid making decisions based on gut feeling

‘Listening to your gut’ is all very well, but it’s often the main mistake inexperienced managers make. You must logically consider why you are selecting that player, not just base your decision on a hunch or a whim. Sure, gut calls can sometimes pay off, but more often than not, you’ll be left with no points and taking a hit to remove the player for the next pick your ‘gut’ is telling you to go for – its a vicious cycle that can leave you struggling to make up ground on your rivals.

8. Be very careful with points hits

Points hits can be a quick way to rank oblivion. That’s not to say don’t use them – in fact, they are a vital part of the fantasy managers armoury, but they should be used with caution and carefully considered. If you’re interested in more in-depth reasoning behind taking a hit, I’d recommend our How To Win at FPL members guide.

9. Timing your transfer

The timing of your transfer is critical to doing well at FPL. Players that do well rise in price during the week making it beneficial to jump on them early. But this has to be weighed up by the chance of them getting injured. Managing this balancing act is crucial to doing well and can depend on a multitude of factors that include: do they play midweek (increasing the chance of them getting injured)? How much are they likely to rise in price? Do you have good bench cover if they do pick up an injury? Do you have another transfer in the bank if things go wrong? Will you be able to still afford them if they rise in price?

10. Structure your team well

It may be last in this list, but it’s arguably one of the most important FPL Tips I can give you. Having a flexible team structure with multiple price points is a must if you want to do well. If you can’t easily aquire big hitters in one or two moves, you could end up taking mulitple points hit to rip-up your team for that new ‘essential’ player.

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