At Fantasy Football Hub we aim to be the only place you need for any sort of fantasy football advice across Fantasy Premier League platforms. We provide expert analysis across FPL, Sky, TFF, and SDT. A few of the names on our panel are Dan Cox who won the Sky fantasy football game in 2017 scooping the £50k prize money and has since had finishes of 30th and 103rd. He has also finished 3rd overall in SDT fantasy football in 2012, so he is a serial winner.

We also have Matthew Pennycae who is arguably the best FPL player in the world with three FPL top 500 ranks and eight top 10k ranks. He finished runner up to Dan Cox in 2017 in the Sky game. We have many more top managers at the helm and we provide fantasy football advice fit for novice’s all the way to seasoned players. No other fantasy football site or service provides you with advice from actual proven winners and experts of this calibre. We literally have the best in the business here.

Whether you’re after a dummies guide or more advanced strategies, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a summary of our fantasy football guides written by our experts. It’s all you need to top all your fantasy leagues and get high overall finishes. Have a look at our contributor’s page and see the credentials for yourself.


How to Play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) – Beginner’s Guide

Written by the founder of Fantasy Football Hub, Will Thomas and also FPL Heisenberg this guide is perfect for beginners of the game. Both are seasoned fantasy football managers with exceptional finishes. As experienced managers they know exactly the types of things that need to be known if you are new to the game. It details right from the off on how to pick a team and what FPL actually is. All the frequently asked questions and relevant ones regarding the game, and all the ‘FPL terminology’’ and acronyms you need to know also.  It concludes by advising which tools you can use on the Hub to further increase your FPL skills and beat all your mates in your fantasy leagues.

How to Play Fantasy Premier League (FPL) – Beginner’s Guide

How to Win at FPL Complete Guide

This is pretty much a continuation of the beginner’s guide but is quite extensive and basically details everything you need to know about how to win or at least do really well in the FPL game. It talks about formations, team structure, the significance of team value, common errors managers make and much much more. It is an A-Z guide and covers everything that a seasoned player already knows and even things which they may not, or have forgotten. Again written by FPL Heisenberg and Will Thomas this piece was carefully and meticulously put together to cover all bases.

How To Win at FPL – The Complete Guide


How to win at FPL Video Series

Now if you prefer watching videos rather than reading then this is perfect for you. This is the ‘How to win at FPL Complete Guide’ but in video format. The videos are split up into nine sections which make it easier to watch and refer back to. They are hosted by Will Thomas.

How To Win at FPL Video Series

Key principles to FPL Success

This four-part series was put together by Matthew Penycae. It’s an absolute must-read for any fantasy football manager – beginner or seasoned. It’s a detailed guide that goes through aspects of planning, research, team management, and risk management. It’s not often we get one of the best fantasy football players in the game laying it all down in this much detail. Matthew talks about different theories, stats, and eye test and how they apply to fantasy football and how they can help you to win the whole thing. As someone who came second in the Sky game out of almost a million teams, his opinions are worth its weight in gold.

Key Principles of FPL Success – Complete Guide by Matthew Jones


FPL Blank and Double Gameweeks

Blanks and Double Gameweeks are arguably the most important Gameweeks in fantasy football. They require planning and execution weeks in advance. Our guide details everything you need to know about the blank and double Gameweeks and also how to use your transfers and chips for them.

Premier League Fantasy Football Double Gameweek & Blank Gameweek Chip Strategy 2020 | Fantasy Football Hub

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