Welcome back to the Fantasy Premier League Differentials series from @FPLTIPZ where he scours the FPL market for low-owned players with the potential to pick up big points to help shoot you up the rankings. Each week he will pick out three players for the coming five Gameweeks for consideration for your FPL transfer who are currently under 10% owned from a variety of price points and teams.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to FPL Gameweek 7 for all the key information, stats and tips you need going into the weekend’s action.

Previous FPL Differentials Review

With these differentials looking to provide strong returns over the next five Gameweeks, the differentials from five weeks ago will be reviewed to see how successful they have been.

In Gameweek 2 the three differentials were Shaw, Podence and Calvert-Lewin. These three returned an average of 3.9 points per game, however, this was due to Shaw returning an average of one point per Gameweek. Calvert-Lewin has risen from under 10% ownership up to 56.6% and is the highest owned player in the whole Fantasy Premier League game.

Gameweek 7 FPL Differentials

The Defender Differential – Kurt Zouma £5.1m, 5.4% owned

Chelsea were one of the biggest spenders in the Premier League this season and much of these came with new defensive solidarity. However, Zouma seems to have kept his place having started the last three matches whilst keeping two clean sheets. As well as this, Zouma is one of two defenders to score twice this season aided by the fact he often partners Thiago Silva who offers less threat from set-pieces. Chelsea have the second-highest expected clean sheets in the league with 2.19 behind only Southampton according to our OPTA stats tool. This indicates that with the newly improved defence with Mendy, Chilwell and Thiago Silva all looking like they have settled in well, Zouma could combine his attacking threat with this improved clean sheet potential.

Fantasy Premier League transfer tips for GW7

Top Scoring Defenders so far this season

With these impressive attacking numbers, Chelsea also have strong fixtures over the next five Gameweeks which can help Zouma to continue on the 6.4 points per start that he has seen so far this season. Chelsea rank first overall on the Hub’s Fixture Ticker for attacking fixtures over the next five weeks including having home fixtures against Sheffield United, Leeds and Tottenham with away trips to Burnley and Newcastle. This could offer a chance for Chelsea to continue on the strong defensive form they have started the season with as well as offering Zouma a chance to add to his goal tally.

The Midfielder Differential – Kai Havertz – £8.4m, 8.4% owned

The second differential on this list is also a Chelsea player but this time one of the new signings in Kai Havertz. In the opening Gameweeks of the season, Havertz was often deployed on the wing leading to an average of 1.5 points per game over the opening two Gameweeks. However, in the most recent four Gameweeks, Havertz has returned three times and only blanked in the 0-0 draw against Manchester United. Since being moved back into his usual central position, Havertz has been involved in 30% of all the Chelsea goals scored whilst being on the pitch which indicates that if Chelsea continues to score goals at the rate of 2.14 per game, Havertz could see the points continue to roll in.

fantasy football transfer tips gw7

Gameweek 7-11 Attacking Fixture Ranking

As above, Chelsea have strong defensive fixtures according to the Hub’s Fixture Ticker. However, they also rank first for attacking fixtures across the next five Gameweeks as well with the opposition keeping just six clean sheets from their opening 35 fixtures, indicating that there is potential for Havertz and Chelsea to continue on their strong goal scoring form over the next five Gameweeks.

The Forward Differential – Che Adams – £5.8m, 1.9% owned

Che Adams was a highly owned asset ahead of Gameweek 1, however, with just one attacking return in the opening four Gameweeks the ownership of Adams fell to just 1.9%. In the past two Gameweeks, the English striker has returned 19 points and has outscored his teammate Danny Ings, who is priced at £8.5m, by two points. Ings is ranked fifth on the Hub’s Points Prediction tool for the next four Gameweeks, however Adams has higher expected points so far this season than his fellow English teammate. So far Ings has outperformed his expected goals whereas Che Adams has underperformed. If the Southampton pattern of play continues over the next few Gameweeks, Che Adams should continue to get opportunities to match Danny Ings at a much cheaper price.

FPL transfer tips Gameweek 7

Player Comparison – Che Adams vs Danny Ings

The upcoming five fixtures for Southampton are mixed with tough games against Wolves and Manchester United as well as more favourable fixtures against Aston Villa, Newcastle and Brighton. However, only one team has kept a clean sheet against Southampton since Gameweek 31 last season and this was Crystal Palace in Gameweek 1 this season. This shows that there is potential for Che Adams and his Southampton teammates to continue on the strong form that Adams has found over the past few Gameweeks. The above graphic compares Adams and Ings performances so far this season using our Comparison tool.

Thank you for reading.

I hope this has been helpful and some of these players return some good points for you over the next five Gameweeks and beyond. This article will be back weekly to highlight a new set of differentials and transfer tips for you all to consider and hopefully help boost your ranks.

Thanks for reading – Feel free to message me any questions – Twitter – @FPLTIPZ

Check out our Ultimate Guide to FPL Gameweek 7 for all the key information, stats and tips you need going into the weekend’s action.


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