Wondering how or when to play your Fantasy. Premier League free hit chip? You’ve come to the right place.

Since the extra free chips were introduced into the official fantasy football game there were mixed opinions. Some thought it was just adding to the luck factor in the game and some were in favour as it made the game more ‘fun’. Personally I was in the latter camp, but that was because I thought it would hand an advantage to the hardcore fantasy managers among us while also making the game more fun (after all that’s why he all play isn’t it?). The Free Hit Chip is definitely the most powerful chip, official fpl has introduced (bar the wildcard) and is also the newest as it replaced the ‘’All out attack’’ which wasn’t received well at al. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Free Hit Chip.

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How does the free hit chip work in FPL? 

Huge gains can be made if it’s played at the right time. You only get one Free Hit chip per season, unlike the WC in which you get two (The first wildcard has to be used by January. The second wildcard will be available after this date and can be used until the end of the season). It’s pretty much a one-week wildcard in which you can totally overhaul your squad for just the one GW and then you revert back to your original team the following gameweek. For example if you played your Free Hit chip in GW20, in GW21 your team would go back to the one you had in GW19. Your original team is still in the background so your players are still rising/falling in price. Typically its best used for the blank gameweeks as you don’t have to ‘prepare’ for it by taking out valuable players for one week, in which you can lose value, and future points etc. In this scenario having the Free Hit chip over someone who hasn’t is a huge advantage. However, each season throws up different scenarios so best to be flexible on its use as it can also be deadly if used in a Double Gameweek.

Saved transfers will be lost

Like the Wildcard, the Free Hit is used when confirming transfers. It cannot be cancelled once you have confirmed it.

When you play your Free Hit chip, any free transfers carried over from previous gameweeks will be lost. You will be back to the usual one free transfer for the following Gameweek. So for example going into GW12 you have two free transfers, and you then decide to use your Free Hit Chip in GW12. Once GW12 is over you will only have one free transfer for GW13.

Also, if you use your free transfer and then subsequently decide to play the Free Hit chip, you will lose the initial player(s) you transferred in.

Can I gain from Price rises with the free hit chip?

While your Free Hit Chip is active you cannot benefit from any price changes gained from your new Free Hit squad. However, price changes applied to your previous (real) team will take effect in the background. So if a player has suffered a price drop while your Free Hit chip was active, you will have lost value on that player. Same for if a player has risen in value, you will have gained his price hike.

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When to use the free hit chip?

Like I mentioned earlier the Free Hit Chip can be used to manage to Blank Gameweeks and also Double Gameweeks. It offers an alternative to the Wildcard as a way of temporarily fixing a squad.

You can also choose to use the Free Hit when injuries and suspensions hit your team and there are certain players you don’t want to take out etc.

The Free Hit can especially be profitable in a Double Gameweek as you can just max out on all the best players who play twice. More so no planning is required beforehand if you go down this route and all attention can be focussed on that one Gameweek, without having to worry about implications before or after!

When you play the Free Hit Chip this will no doubt have an effect on when you use the second Wildcard and any of the other chips like Bench Boost and Triple Captain.

Target differentials

One of the most powerful and fun aspects of the Free Hit chip is the ability to take advantage of differentials. You can use this method if playing aggressively and especially if you are behind your opponent/target.

Normally when you use free transfers or even your wildcard you have to plan ahead for the foreseeable and not just the current Gameweek. So with the Free Hit Chip you only have to focus on that one Gameweek and if used correctly can boost your rank.

These differentials or differential play can be anything from picking low ownership players or tripling up on a certain teams defence. Huge upside targeting can turn your season around one in one Gameweek.

Benefits of the free hit chip 

Unlike the Triple Captain chip with the Free Hit you have much more control over how you use this chip. With the triple captain, your player can get injured in the first minute of the first game, or get sent off or even have a bad game when he has the easiest fixture of the season. Point is you are relying on just one player. With the FH chip you get to pick a whole new starting 11 and the chances of bad luck or happenstance dramatically reduce.

In conclusion, I would say always keep an open mind when planning to use your Free Hit chip. It’s definitely best to keep hold of this chip until the latter part of the season when the blanks and Double Gameweeks come around. It’s pretty much impossible to tell who will have the blanks and doubles and when we do find out its short notice so saving this chip until that period alleviates that worry and headache.


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