FPL Gameweek 12  team reveal and tips from Rich Clarke.

Rich is an FPL veteran and has one of the most enviable records out there. Notching two top 500 finishes and eight top 10k finishes, he is the only FPL manager never to finish outside the top 35k in each of his 15 seasons.

Rich will be revealing his team on a weekly basis in the 2021/22 season; providing observations and strategies where appropriate.  

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FPL Gameweek 12 team reveal

Rich Clarke's FPL Record


FPL Gameweek 11 Performance

Points: 63

Rank Change: +12k  Green Arrow

Overall Rank: 57K

FPL Gameweek 11 - Brief Review

It feels like a lifetime ago we had Premier League matches to enjoy!

Manchester City inflicted further humiliation on Manchester United at Old Trafford, where Joao Cancelo starred.  Their title rivals Chelsea were held at home to Burnley, while Liverpool lost 3-2 to a resilient West Ham United side, who must now be considered Top 4 material.

It was a very difficult week to choose line-ups and bench decisions became critical for fantasy managers in another week where the captaincy was 'neutered' due to effective ownership on Mohamed Salah.

'Attacking defenders' are the 'must own' right now - it's just a question of how many can we pack into our squads as we come to the most congested part of the season.


FPL Gameweek 11 - My Team

My team scored a decent 63 points in gameweek 11 - good enough for a green arrow up to 57k overall rank. I'm happy with that, but it was, however, one of the weeks where it could have been so much more..

I wrote in my article last time about the idea of Bench Boosting. Had I gone for this play, I would have sold Shane Duffy (vulnerable to a start) for Reece James and played the chip.  I would have scored a massive 33 points in addition and would be around an 8k rank now..

These moments come and go and I think I just feared one or two of my squad might not start. With a single-gameweek bench boost, you really need all 15 to play. While that is never guaranteed, at least with playing the chip in a double gameweek, your players should all start at least once. That was my logic anyway. To those that did have the courage to play it - well done to you.

In the regular game, my very strong bench caused me some more headaches. I decided to bench Raphinha and play the double Brentford attackers against Norwich. Fine lines ruled out a Toney/Mbeumo goal/assist for offside - but the blanks still hurt.

The comfort is though, that all my players can score good points. I don't mind my 1st bench getting a score, because a few times this season I will need them to come in.

FPL Gameweek 11 Transfer Options (2 free transfers)

Is now the time for Tottenham Hotspur?

Most of the discussion at the moment seems to be around the 'certainty' that Tottenham Hotspur are going to become an instant goal-machine, now that their fixtures fall kindly and the 'New Manager bounce' delivers on time.

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