This article takes a deep dive look at the all-important Fantasy Premier League Double Gameweek 24 captain decision. It's written by our resident FPL captaincy expert Chris Tan who takes a close look at the fixtures, poll and stats breakdown before concluding on his best pick for the armband. 

Given that this is the hyped Liverpool Double Gamweek that we’ve been anticipating for months, the structure of this article will be a bit different and we will be glossing over a lot of aspects to focus more on Liverpool.


FPL Gameweek 23 Captain Recap

Before we delve into the FPL Gameweek 24 Captain Decision, it’s important to cast our eye back to last week.

Saturday – 18 January 2020

Spurs finally slowed Watford’s excellent run since Pearson took over, although it took a penalty save and the loss of Sarr will hurt them.  Fleck continued to impress, as Lundstram looks to be fading.  Both Trossard and Grealish impressed for the fourth midfielder slot, but honours were even in the relegation battle.  City did their best to throw the title away with a shock draw, as Pep trolled us again, but Aguero was the one positive and he’s on fire.  Norwich absolutely dominated a 10 man Bournemouth, but both sides look like Championship teams at the moment. Southampton somehow threw away a two goal lead, shockingly Ings wasn’t involved in any of them. Jimenez and Traore punished several managers that benched or sold them.  Honours were even between West Ham and Everton after DCL maintained his excellent run.  Finally, Newcastle did an absolute smash and grab on Chelsea stealing the game in the last minute.

Sunday – 19 January 2020

After a dismal Saturday several were hoping their Leicester assets would do them proud, but sadly Leicester appear to have lost their mojo conceding again and Vardy returned a big fat zero after Pope saved his penalty.  On a different week that would have been a goal and max bonus points, so I wouldn’t beat yourself up over the outcome.  Finally, Liverpool kept another Clean Sheet (CS) with a lovely assist by TAA for a VVD goal (which we would like to see more of for this Gameweek) and a Salah goal.


Who did I tip?

Vardy (0) – as mentioned above, if he would have scored the penalty that would be an 8-9 point return and everyone would be happy.  I still believe it was the right decision and the outcome doesn’t change that.  I am concerned by his lack of shots recently though.

Aguero (13) – I know KDB was the summary leader, however, I did indicate that I would prefer one of the support cast over him.  This is cherry picking a little though as Sterling blanked, Jesus got four and Mahrez one.

Ings (2) – I’m still in shock that Southampton scored twice without him being involved..

DCL (8) and Grealish (10) – it looks like the punts are the way forward at the moment.


How have we done to date?

I did an analysis of my picks over the season to date to compare with the top poll choice:

Captaincy Gameweek 24 - Past Performance

The second pick extended the lead over the top pick, which indicates that this might be a good route to take for those that are chasing, as it will be more of a differential choice without being an absolute punt.

What did we learn?

Leicester Lull – something isn’t right at the moment, as both their defence and attack don’t seem to be working very well.

Don’t get tunnel vision – double Gameweeks are amazing, but don’t tunnel in on them and lose focus on other great opportunities. Aguero is a classic example of this, but also players like Traore and Jimenez.


FPL Gameweek 24 Captain - The Fixtures

Captaincy Gameweek 24 - Fixtures


Double Gameweek 24 fixtures are the reverse of Gameweek 20, here’s what happened last time:

These were all fairly tight games, so it might be quite a low scoring week if we're expecting a similar affair.


Twitter FPL Gameweek 24 Captain Poll

Who do our Twitter followers think is the best FPL Gameweek 24 captain?

Double Gameweek 24 captain

Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good history vs their opposition?

Captaincy Gameweek 24 - Player History

Based on the above, it looks like Mane has a slight edge over Salah who interestingly scores the same as TAA.  There’s not much between Robertson and VVD, which could be a useful cost-saving and Firmino looks to be quite a punt.

Incidentally, none of Mane’s returns against Wolves have come Away from Home and he’s only scored a single goal Away against West Ham, although he has picked up two assists.

Salah, on the other hand, returned a goal and an assist Away to Wolves last season and he’s scored two goals Away at West Ham too.


Members Stats breakdown - FPL Gameweek 24 Captain

These stats are pulled from the Fantasy Football Hub OPTA Stats tool that is available to all members to help you analyse the players and teams.  I usually look at the last four home or away games dependant on the fixture, however, I have pulled the specific data from the last four Gameweeks, as we’ve had a lot of games recently and I wanted a more current overview.

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