FPL Gameweek 33 Recap

With the FPL Captaincy for Blank Gameweek 33 successfully navigated, we can now focus on closing out the season.  It was a pretty decent week for those that planned well enough to field a full team and went with one of the two Captain choices that provided a mega haul.  It was also an excellent opportunity to make up some ground or extend your lead with the overall uncertainty on who to captain.

Who did I tip?

  • Hazard (16) – as soon as that first goal went in there was a collective sigh of relief on Twitter and for me, as I had massively backed him publicly. His second truly outlined how much of a talisman he is for Chelsea and for many of us it will be a fitting swan song as we bid him farewell for the season and possibly forever if he goes to Madrid.
  • Salah (6)– as expected this was a pretty tough game, but he scored a great individual goal and his celebration showed how much it meant to him.  Sadly, it also resulted in a yellow card which pushed him down in the bonus and left him with quite an underwhelming return.  For me he’s done just about enough to consider bringing him back for Gameweek 36.
  • Vardy (16) – In contrast to Hazard’s display, this was a solid team effort. I was expecting a standard one goal return with some bonus, but an assist and late penalty transformed it from a solid to a spectacular return.  This was only his third double-digit haul of the season though and kudos to anyone that went with him.


What did we learn?

  • Arsenal – appear to be shocking away from home, which is food for thought with four of their next six games away. Emery also surprisingly rotated Ramsey and Aubameyang, suggesting that Lacazette might be the most likely to play in their remaining games.
  • Everton – are going through a bit of a purple patch and have learnt how to defend, although with no Double Gameweek they’re not really being considered by many.
  • Leicester - are also going on a major run with a squad reinvigorated by Rodgers, they also don’t have a double Gameweek but should that put you off?
  • Burnley / Bournemouth – Burnley have transformed with the urgency to secure their league place and the next game against Cardiff should be very interesting. Bournemouth, on the other hand, looks to be on the beach and I don’t think any of their players will be featuring in my squad for the remainder of the season.


Gameweek 34 Captaincy 

Here we go, the final leg of the Free Hit, Wild Card and Bench Boost strategy.  Although Gameweek 35 is technically the final leg, this is the week where most will have to finalise their Wildcard teams prior to that week.  There’s even a cheeky double Gameweek to entice some investment.

This article was all drafted and ready until the Kane injury! Now there are some revisions, as he was the obvious choice this week.



The first thing that I’ve noticed is that there’s a Friday fixture, don’t forget to set up your team beforehand!

  • Leicester v Newcastle– every season we bemoan letting a Double Gameweek give us tunnel vision to ignore good single Gameweek players yet we keep repeating the same actions.  Leicester is on fire at the moment with Vardy, Tielmans and Maddison all worthy of consideration.  Newcastle won’t be easy, but I expect the Leicester bus to keep on rolling.
  • Spurs v Huddersfield– probably the standout fixture of the week (basically anyone that faces Huddersfield) and attacking coverage is a must.  However, they just fielded their best 11 against City on Tuesday, which cost them Kane and they know they’re going to have a real battle in the return leg on Wednesday, so will they rest anyone?
  • Brighton v Bournemouth / Brighton v Cardiff– with a home game against a Bournemouth side that struggles away and the need to create a gap away from Cardiff this is quite an important game and Brighton are fairly solid at home.  The second game should be interesting, as it could dictate the outcome of Cardiff’s season and I would want to have some Brighton assets this week.
  • Burnley v Cardiff / Brighton v Cardiff – Cardiff aren’t very good away and this is a massive six pointer against an on form Burnley team, which could result in them being 8 points from safety and effectively down. If they manage to get a result then they will be desperate for points against Brighton who aren’t known for giving much change at Home.
  • Fulham v Everton – similar to Leicester, Everton have hit a bit of a purple patch lately but unlike Leicester there don’t appear to be any obvious assets to target. Their defenders look like the best option but without a double, not much to play for and tough games on the horizon is it worth investing?
  • Southampton v Wolves – this should be quite a tentative game, both sides are well organised and have decent attacking threat.
  • Man United v West Ham – after Huddersfield, this looks to be the next best fixture, however they only played on Wednesday night, this game is on Saturday and they have their return leg away to Barcelona on Tuesday so there’s not much time for recovery and I expect some rotation, despite the urgency to finish top four.
  • Crystal Palace v Man City – Palace are on reasonable form and beat City in the reverse fixture, however they appear better away from home and are missing Sakho and Tomkins, which leaves them vulnerable down the middle. City will have one eye on the Wednesday CL game, but they’ll also want to exert pressure on Liverpool by making them start their game behind them again.
  • Liverpool v Chelsea – this won’t be easy, but Liverpool will be at home having rested since Tuesday night whereas Chelsea will have played on Thursday night (even if the majority are their B team) and Liverpool doesn’t have to play again until Wednesday. Therefore this should be another tight win as they continue to exert pressure on City.
  • Watford v Arsenal – as mentioned previously, Arsenal are terrible away and Watford will be on a massive high after reaching the FA Cup Final with players eager to put in good performances to claim a starting place on the day. Furthermore, Arsenal has a big UEL game prior to this.  However, they are still in a top four fight and this could be quite an open game.


Twitter Poll




Old Hunting Ground – do any of these picks have a good history vs their opposition?

Kane looks to have the best history this week (oh what could have been) with Son a worthy second.  There’s a possibility there could be some rotation with this game sandwiched between their City games and the same (more likely) could be applied to Aguero and SterlingLukaku is also worth consideration, although not many will have a spare striker spot for him.  I also expect Vardy to continue his little run.

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All stats are from OPTA and are based on the last four home or away games dependant on where the next fixture is.

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