One of the very best FPL managers, FPL Heisenberg, reveals his FPL transfers, captain, team and tips ahead of each Gameweek. Follow his updates exclusively on Fantasy Football Hub as he looks to build on six consecutive top 32k finishes, including two top 10k finishes and a top 1k finish.

Blank Gameweek 33 Review

Points: 70 Ranked just outside the top 7k in the world, now's a good time to reflect on how the season has gone for me so far. Below you will see that at the end of Gameweek 22 I had fell to 209,307 (3rd column from the right) in the overall rankings. From Gameweeks 23 to 33 it has been steady climbing, taking a minus 4 on just two occasions. Even the red arrow in Gameweek 27 was a minor one so when analysing these past 11 Gameweeks it has gone very well overall and I put that down to not panicking at the end of Gameweek 22. I kept making sensible decisions and the overall rank sorted itself out.
FPL Heisenberg's GW22-GW33

FPL Heisenberg's GW22-GW33

Below I detail my transfers, my captain and my starting line up.

Gameweek 34 FPL Team Reveal


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