FPL Salah's Gameweek 2 Team Reveal. Abdul Rehman is one of the the best FPL managers with four top 1k and five top 5k finishes to his name.

Today, he reveals his current Gameweek 2 FPL team, captaincy and plans exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members.

You can also watch Abdul's Gameweek 2 captain video below: 

Gameweek 1 Review

I got off to a good start, scoring 96 points in Gameweek 1 with a rank of 633k. It was a high-scoring week with most of the template players returning. Looking around on Twitter and seeing all those 100+ scores, it actually made my score look a bit average.

But the important thing at this stage of the season is simply to not fall behind.

I was really happy with my team overall and thought I studied each position meticulously.  I was particularly happy with my £4.0m defender Ki-Jana Hoever starting for Wolves. If he keeps his place it will be a huge bonus for me.

Yves Bissouma (£4.5m) over Josh Brownhill (£4.5m) was another small victory. I decided, in the end, to go with pure "nailedness" and it proved right as the latter was benched.

If I was going to be pedantic I would probably say going with Diogo Jota (£7.5m) and Hoever (£4.0m) instead of Konstantinos Tsimikas (£4.0m) and Mason Greenwood (£7.5m) is looking slightly like the wrong move at the moment.

I was very happy with Jota's goal and even more relieved he just managed to make the 60-minute mark, but Roberto Firmino's (£9.0m) goal as a substitute has really muddied the waters further in regards to the Portuguese's starting berth.

However, it's too early to tell which was the right path and only time will tell.


Abdul's Gameweek 1 Points. Best team GW2

Abdul's Gameweek 1 Points

FPL Salah's Season History

FPL Salah's FPL History. FPL Salah's FPL Team.

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FPL Salah’s Gameweek 2 Team Reveal

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