Who is the best FPL Triple Gameweek 35 captain? Our resident FPL captaincy expert Chris Tan takes a close look at the fixtures, poll and stats breakdown before concluding on his best pick for the armband. 

FPL Gameweek 34 Recap

The Challengers – Manchester United’s postponed game means that Manchester City will have to wait until they’re crowned Champions again. Unbelievably, Leicester could not defeat 10-man Southampton (we were all expecting another 9-0).

Chelsea look relentless and there’s real pressure on Leicester to avoid a repeat of last season with the teams behind them hot on their heels.

The Premiums – most of the premiums were out of action this week. Vardy (£10.3m) blanked again, but Aguero (£10.3m) gave us a welcome reminder of what he’s capable of (for those with a free hit).

Sadly, Kane (£11.9m) didn’t manage to return in a 4-0 rout. Son (£9.6m) came away with an impressive 12 points, but it was Bale (£9.1m) that stole the show with 21 points, highlighting how explosive he can be when he plays.

Who to target – Sheffield United are clearly the weakest team in the league and it looks like Fulham has run out of gas. Other than those two, it’s difficult to tell which of the other teams are on the beach yet.

How have we done to date?

FPL Triple Gameweek 35 Captain - Our Performance

The hot streak is over for the first picks, as the punts start to gain momentum. At this point of the season, if you've got nothing to lose, then taking a punt can help to make the game fun. Don't just punt for the sake of it though, there has to be clear rationale behind every decision.

FPL Double (Triple) Gameweek 35 Captain - The Fixtures

FPL Triple Gameweek 35 Captain - Fixtures

Gameweek 35 fixtures are primarily the reverse fixtures from Gameweek 17 (excluding the double [triple] Gameweek fixtures):

FPL Double Gameweek 35 Captain - Reverse Fixtures

Fernandes (£11.5m) picked up double figures against Villa, he also did the same against Leicester and only Liverpool could restrict him to a blank. Both Kane (£11.9m) and Son (£9.6m) hit double figures against Leeds, but it’s unlikely they’ll interest for the armband with just a single fixture.

Twitter / @FFH_HQ FPL Gameweek 35 Captain Poll

Who do our Twitter followers think is the best FPL Double (triple) Gameweek 35 captain?

FPL Triple Gameweek 35 Captain - Twitter Poll

Old Hunting Ground – do any of the likely lads have a good record vs their opposition?

FPL Double Gameweek 35 Captain - Player Record

  • On past performance alone, Fernandes (£11.5m) looks a great option just based on his original two fixtures and now he has a bonus one…
  • Vardy (£10.3m) looks alright on paper, however his last returns against Manchester United were in the 18/19 season.
  • This was created prior to the triple Gameweek announcement. Salah (£12.7m) has seven goals and an assist from seven starts against Southampton; but only one goal from six games against United. That’s 69%.

The records of the other candidate isn't worth discussing.

Members Stats breakdown - FPL Double (Triple) Gameweek 35 Captain

I’ve taken these stats from the Fantasy Football Hub OPTA tool that is available to all Members to help you analyse the players and teams. 

The sample has used the last six Gameweeks (representing the stats as ‘per appearance’). 


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