All matches are decided on the average score of the 5 FPL managers from their particular nation.

The groups competed with each other from GW9 through to GW21 inclusive, classic style, not H2H.

At this point the teams in the top 4 positions of each group went through to the knockout phase with the remaining 5/6 from each group being knocked out. In the event of a tiebreak between positions, the GW21 scores were taken to decide the final group placings.

The knockout phase was seeded with the Winner of Group A playing the 4th positioned nation in Group B etc.

FPL World Cup GW36+ Complete:

Final Knockout Result:

  • The Last 32 match-ups were played in GW25
  • The Last 16 match-ups were played in GW27
  • The Quarter Final match-ups were played in GW29
  • The Semi-Final match-ups were played in GW36+
  • The Grand Final match-up was played in GW38+ with the FPL World Cup Trophy Winners being crowned!

Good luck everyone!


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