This is a ‘How To Win at Telegraph Fantasy Football’ members guide, updated ahead of the 2021/2022 season.

We will be covering everything from team structure, winning tips, fatal errors, managing your team over the season, secret TFF weapons and mini-league play. This will teach you everything you need to know to play Telegraph Fantasy Football…and win.

If you are new to Telegraph Fantasy Football you will probably want to read our 'How to Play Telegraph Fantasy Football' Guide first.

Once you have read this guide, make sure you visit and bookmark the Telegraph Fantasy Ultimate Guide, written by the very best Telegraph fantasy players, gives you the best Telegraph Fantasy 2021/22 tips and content to help you become a better fantasy football manager and dominate your mini-leagues.

What you get in the Telegraph Fantasy Football guide:

  1. Winning formations and team structure.
  2. 10 winning principles (including the golden transfer rule) & Five fatal errors.
  3. Managing your team over a season and key resources.
  4. Transfer checklist and Mini-league tips.

You can either read each section in order (advised for beginners) or skip to a section of your choice (intermediate and advanced players).

Section 1: Winning Formations and Team Structure

There is no golden formation for Telegraph Fantasy Football, each season is different and your formation should change and evolve as the season progresses.

However, basic math on pounds-per-million (PPM) on previous seasons shows that heavy investment in defence is a sound basis for a successful team.

Last season for example, 11 of the top 15 PPM players were defenders including all of the top three (Targett, Lowton, Cresswell); this is very common season on season in TFF.

This also means you can then focus your precious transfers on rotating your midfielders and strikers during their good fixture runs and clusters of extra games as the opportunities present themselves later in the season.

Formations such as  4-4-2, 4-5-1 and 5-4-1 are the favoured formations to maximise team value. 5-3-2 is back as an option too for the 2021/22 season.

Five Telegraph Fantasy Football Structure Tips

Ability to switch between positions. This is an obvious one for those that already play the game, but is nevertheless important to remember. For example, you can switch out a midfielder for a striker or vice-versa as long as it remains a valid formation.

This last point is crucial as 5-4-1 is the only valid formation with five at the back, meaning there is limited switching available between your midfielders and strikers.

  1. Have flexible price points. We can’t stress how important this is. Even experienced players restrict their ability to bring in new players. As an example, having five midfielders priced between £4.0m and £5.0m means that it requires two precious transfers to bring in a midfielder of £5.5m+.
  2. There is no correct formation. Don’t be rigid in your thinking and say ‘I always play 3-4-3’. There are likely to be times across a season where all formations are valid. Good managers will recognise these shifts and adapt their formation accordingly. There will be times in the second half of the season where 3-4-3, for example, will maximise the current fixture run better than other formations.
  3. Think long-term. Set yourself up for the long term particularly in the first half of the season. Have you looked at the long-term fixtures? Have you considered what will happen if a player gets injured or drops out of form? Are you able to bring in a big hitting player in one move if they hit a hot streak? Planning ahead is crucial to this and something we’ll come back to later in the series.
  4. Jump on cheap players. A few weeks into the season there are often some value gems that emerge. Meslier (£2.1m) was a bargain in 20/21 season; it’s crucial to jump on these players when the opportunity arises as it frees up a ton of budget and flexibility for your squad.

Types of players you need in Telegraph Fantasy Football

In the TFF game all positions now have decent options thanks to the recent change in midfielder bonus points. We have yet to see it play out over a season but we have some great analysis here which. may help you get off on the right foot.

Nailed on and unlikely to get injured

With no bench and limited transfers, it's crucial to have players that are not only regular starters but are unlikely not to get injured.

The big points scoring midfielders

Premium midfielders in TFF are generally cheaper than premium strikers and there were some no-brainers in the 20/21 season such as Salah and Fernandes who offer greater value than premium strikers. They are very capable of scoring 10+ points in plenty of games so they are set-and-forget for this and the value they bring to your team.

Cheaper bonus enablers

To afford those big hitting midfielders, you’ll need some cheap players. These can be in any position with Targett at £2.6m last season providing tremendous value whilst freeing up the budget, with Iheanacho at £3.4m also doing the same in latter stages of the season.

Section 2: 10 Tips and Winning Principles for Telegraph Fantasy Football

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