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Long-time Hub contributor Ian Parrin is famed across the Sky Fantasy game for his quite brilliant planning tool with no less than three of the past four Sky Fantasy Champions attributing it as one of the key factors to their success. He has only gone and built a Sun Dream Team planner too…


“Ian’s planner is excellent for getting your team ready for upcoming games. I wouldn’t have won without this invaluable tool”Liam Dorrian 2019/20 Sky Fantasy Overall Winner

“Brilliant piece of kit!”Fantasy Football Doyen Tom Campbell

“Genuinely not sure I could have won without it”Jason Barlow 2017/18 Sky Fantasy Overall Winner

“Ian that is a fantastic bit of kit: very, very clever” Dan Cox 2016/2017 Sky Fantasy Overall Winner

The Dream Team Planner

Ian has now tweaked his tool for Sun Dream Team managers to help them effectively navigate the fixtures and highlights how many matches each team has each month so they can be targeted for additional points. This tool is free for existing Hub members.

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If you play Sun Dream Team and want to do well, planning and maximising transfer use is essential. Ian Parrin has just made it a whole lot easier.

An introduction and link to the tool from Ian…

On the Calendar tab, Row 3 shows fixtures split into weekend, Friday to Monday, denoted by W/E and midweek, Tuesday to Thursday, by M/W. Rows 11 and 12 show the month and date of the fixtures, with months in alternating colours.

Rows 13 and 14 designate in which competition the fixtures are taking place, with the Round being shown in Rows 15 and 16. Leagues and Cups are colour-coded to aid differentiation.

Premier League teams are listed alphabetically in Column C, with their opponents in Columns D to CH.  There is a filter arrow in Cell C16, which allows you to focus on between 1 and 20 clubs. Home games are in Upper Case with away fixtures in lower case. Opposition teams are colour-coded according to which competition the fixture is from.

The monthly transfer deadline is denoted by the Column being highlighted purple, with the first Friday in each month having bold type on a red background.

The Teams Fixture Counts tab has four different methods of showing how many fixtures teams are scheduled to play between certain periods of time. The number of games are conditionally formatted, with the highest amount highlighted green and lowest in red. There is once more a filter arrow, this time in Cell B41, which again allows you to select any number of the 20 teams.

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Between months has drop-down boxes in Cells C39 and C40 which allow you to choose whichever start and finish months you wish.

Month selection has a drop-down box in Cell G39 which will then show the total fixtures per club in the selected month.

Between dates has drop-down boxes in Cells K39 and K40 which allows you to opt between any upcoming weekend or midweek start and end dates.

Days from Friday has a drop-down box in Cell O40 which will show the number games clubs have for the chosen number of days from the upcoming set of weekend fixtures.


Fixture Calendar 2021-2022 September Update

You can download Ian’s spreadsheet here. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment and he’ll get back to you.


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