In this UEFA Champions League Fantasy article, Kevin will outline his Matchday 1 team reveal, why he picked each player, and a few upcoming strategies moving forward in the UEFA Champions League Fantasy game.

How to Play UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football | UCL 2021/22

The Best UCL Fantasy Defenders

I have decided to use a ranging strategy for my defensive line, going with three premium, two budget €4.0m and no mid-priced defenders.

Joshua Kimmich (€6.5m) is a defender playing in the midfield for one of the best teams in Europe, Bayern Munich. He is on many of Bayern’s set pieces and tends to pick up ball recovery points as well as offensive points. In my opinion, he is the best premium defender for UCL Matchday 1, even though he’s playing Barcelona in his first game.

Achraf Hakimi (€6.5m), one of many PSG summer transfers, is the second premium defender I’ve selected.

He plays Club Brugge in Matchday 1 which should be a clean sheet, along with opportunities for offensive points. The only downfall for Hakimi is that he plays Manchester City on Matchday 2 and could be a transfer waiting to happen.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (€6.5m) could replace him in my team however I think Liverpool have an overall harder group.

Raphael Varane (€5.5m) is the defender I have decided to select from Manchester United. They have the best odds for a clean sheet in Matchday 1 and he is a ball recovery monster. I think United should win their group and Varane is also a threat from set pieces.

Alberto Moreno (€4.0m) is the best €4.0m option in the UCL Fantasy game. He is playing in midfield but is classified as a defender in UCL. Villareal, the Europa League Champions, are a good defensive team and should keep clean sheets. Playing in midfield, Moreno also has some offensive threat.

Wober (€4.0m) is not the most exciting pick however he is a cheap, starting €4.0m defender and Salzburg are a fairly good defensive team. He is mainly in the team as an enabler with a chance for clean sheets. He also plays on the first day of the Matchday and could be substituted if he blanks.

The Best UCL Fantasy Midfielders

Midfield is an interesting position in UCL Fantasy this year. I am not really tempted by any of the premium options and have instead gone with a few mid-priced, high ceiling options, and some safe ball recovery players as well.

Marco Reus (€8.0m) defines high ceiling, playing in a very offensive position for an explosive offence in Dortmund. He seems to also be on penalties at the moment which further boosts his appeal. I also think Dortmund will dominate their group, having potential to score plenty in each game.

Mason Mount (€7.5m) is the option I’ve decided to go with in the Chelsea midfield. They have a favourable fixture in Matchday 1 and he was rested in the Premier League at the weekend, which makes me think he is a guarantee to start. He is not the most explosive player but can tick along with points and should be a good pick throughout the group stage.

Casemiro (€6.5m) is a defensive midfielder however his attraction is ball recovery points. Last year, he recovered 86 balls for 25 points. I think he’s great value and a solid pick.

Fred (€5.5m) is not an exciting pick, especially if you watch the Premier League closely. However, he does play Young Boys in the first Matchday and Manchester United are the early game. This will allow me to see the lineup and make sure Fred is playing. If he blanks, I can change him for the second set of games.

Alvarez (€4.5m) is a player I admittedly had never heard of before starting my first draft, however he is currently the second-highest owned player at 49% and that pretty much makes him a must have.

Ajax are a good squad, in a favourable group, so he could pop up with a few offensive points but should deliver on ball recoveries as well.

Mount is one of the best midfielders for UCL fantasy

Mason Mount should be a guaranteed starter for Chelsea in the UCL.

The Best UCL Fantasy Forwards

As with my defence, I have gone heavy on the premiums upfront. I think the best value players are in the forward category and that the forward position contains the best captaincy options each Matchday in the group stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo (€11.0m) is the best captaincy option on the first day of games for Matchday 1. Manchester United play Young Boys in the first game and Ronaldo should be in the goals. He will be my captain and should be a good pick moving forward in the group stage.

Erling Haaland (€11.0m) is the most essential pick in UCL Fantasy at the moment. He is 59% owned and finished last year with 10 goals and 2 assists. He is one of the best strikers in the world and Dortmund find themselves in a favourable group. Haaland should dominate and could finish with the highest points total in the group stage.

Kylian Mbappe (€10.5m) has had an amazing start to the season at Paris Saint-Germain and has been playing in the middle of a front 3.

Messi and Neymar should start alongside him and playing Club Brugge in Matchday 1, Mbappe should haul. If Ronaldo blanks, it will be a tough decision to change the captaincy to either Haaland or Mbappe.

The deadline is 5:45pm in the UK which means I will probably be tinkering up until the deadline.

The two things I don’t like about this squad is that I have a lot of players playing on the second day and that my midfield options are lacking haul potential. I will try my best to update this article before the deadline but if not, I will make sure to post on my Twitter account @kwolf_ff.

If you are interested in playing UCL Fantasy and want to join a league, use code 63AD61WI09. Good luck and I hope you have some fun if you have never played UCL Fantasy before.

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I will be producing more UCL fantasy content throughout the competition so keep an eye out and good luck!

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